The Only Child Stereotype

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Growing up, it was just me and my mom and dad (well, a cat too). I didn’t have any brothers or sisters. It was just us. During my childhood, I was fortunate enough to live in a nice house, have nice things and go on several vacations with my parents. Thus, I was victim to the “Only Child” stereotype of being completely spoiled and getting whatever I wanted.

However, that was hardly the case. Since I was 8 my dad, who owned a construction company, took me with him on Saturday morning to pick up job sites (in the Summer) or clean up his office (Winter). As I got older, my duties expanded into cutting grass, digging ditches, operating light machinery and continuing to keep his office clean. The most I ever got paid an hour was $8. Being the businessperson I was, I started a car cleaning business when I was a freshman in high school. I put together a marketing campaign, established a client base and even started a frequent washer program. My point is the following: For every 16 year old only child who is driving a Hummer, talking on a $300 cell phone, on his/her way to the mall to buy a $250 pair of jeans from Saks, there are plenty of only children working hard to put $20 bucks in their Grand AM.

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