The Best of FCN – Selections from 07/06

Time to dig into the archives yet again… Here are some of my favorite posts from the month of July…

07/06/2006Cell Phone Overages – A Hidden Cost of Moving
07/07/2006Great Sprint PCS Service (and a 10% Discount)
07/10/2006Buying Home Depot 10% Discount Coupons on eBay
07/12/2006Bank of America’s “Out of State” Check Policy
07/14/2006Five Ways to Hurt Your Credit Score
07/17/2006Dish Network Customer Service SUCKS
07/20/2006(In)Convenience Fees
07/24/2006Earn Interest on Your PayPal Balance
07/24/2006Emigrant Direct’s Online Incompetence
07/26/2006Pre-Paying our Mortgage
07/28/2006Refrigerators, Usable Space, and the Art of Overstatement

And here’s a rundown of what was happening at Raising4Boys during July…

07/07/2006Birth Order, Brothers, and Homosexuality
07/10/2006Kid Hack: Popsicles in the Tub
07/14/2006Monitoring the Sex Offender Registry
07/19/2006Remember the 80s?
07/21/2006Pregnancy, Sex and Labor
07/24/2006Cool Summer Activities
07/26/2006Fun With Dry Ice
07/28/2006Dinnertime Conversation

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