The Best of FCN – Selection from 08/06

Time for another quick trip through the archives… Here are some of my favorite posts from the month of August…

08/03/2006The Danger of No-Interest, Same-as-Cash Purchases
08/04/2006AmEx Buyer’s Assurance Warranty Extension Program
08/08/2006Are you Saving Enough for Retirement?
08/10/2006Craigslist First Impressions: Lots of Scammers
08/11/2006Pre-Paid Legal Plans
08/14/2006Choosing a Health Insurance Plan
08/17/2006Accidental Death & Dismemberment: What’s the Point?
08/21/2006Spending Money to Save Money
08/22/2006Dish Network Customer Service STILL Sucks
08/30/2006How Much Life Insurance do You Need?

And here’s rundown of what was happening at Raising4Boys during August…

08/04/2006Our Trip to the Georgia Aquarium
08/07/2006Disney Raises Ticket Prices (Again)
08/11/2006Braces for an Eight Year Old, Update #3
08/15/2006Hauling Furniture, Reckless Youth, and the Sunday Paper
08/24/2006It’s a Wonderful Life…
08/25/2006First Day of School Jitters? Yeah, Right
08/28/2006Dealing With Six Year Old Procrastination and Dawdling

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