The Best of April 2007

April was another great month at FiveCentNickel, thanks in large part to contributions from readers such as yourself. I just wanted to take a moment to thank those of you who stop by and comment. If you like what you see here, keep in mind that you can have the full-text of everything that I write delivered to you via RSS or e-mail (details). Here are my favorite posts from the month of April:

» Opened a 457(b)
» Roth IRA Income Limits for 2007
» Ask for Credit Card Fees to be Reversed
» FDIC Insurance Higher on Retirement Accounts
» 2006 Taxes in Review
» How to Prioritize Your Retirement Accounts
» Blockbuster Total Access Looks Good So Far
» How to Request a Tax Filing Extension
» Estimated Taxes and Avoiding Underpayment Penalties
» Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for a Discount, The Sequel
» Asset Allocation in our TIAA-CREF 457(b)
» Playing the Percentages: The Effect of Gains and Losses

And here are our favorites from Raising4Boys (subscribe):

» One Child Left Behind: The Life of a Fourth Child
» Easter Dinner With a Two Year Old
» Smoking Decreases Odds of Having a Boy?
» Buying a Nikon Coolpix L10: That Boy Sure Can Save!
» Strep Throat – The Battle Rages On
» Chex Mix in Bed
» We Bought a Wii
» Little People, Big Lesson
» Birthday Party Redemption: The Firetruck Finally Came

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