Ten Days Until Closing

Just ten days ’til we officially sell our current house, and the buyers have now dropped all contingencies (we asked for a ten day ‘all clear’ as part of the contract). Thus, if they back out for any reason, they’ll forfeit their earnest money. In other words, we can now breathe a sigh of relief, as the earnest money is close to two months of our current mortgage. So even if the sale falls through at this point, we should be able to re-sell it without losing much (if anything) given the pace of the current market in our area. Knock, knock, knock (that sound is just me knocking on wood).

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  1. Anonymous

    Congratulations! I’ve been trying to sell for several months. My first buyer had a heart attack and had to back out. The next ones turned out to have unpaid child support in the background and couldn’t get financing. We had two offers and one back out when we planned to sign. We signed with the other offer today and should close in a month. I am really hoping this one goes through. We’ve already got another place and can’t make payments on this one. Good to know that it can finally come to an end.

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