Telecommunciations Spending Poll Results

Well, the telecommunications spending poll has run its course, and the results are all over the board. At the bottom, we had one person (1%) spending less than $20/month, whereas 17% are spending over $200/month. The most popular reponse (by a hair) was $81-$100/month. I’m guessing that people in that category have a phone (either landline or cell, but not both) plus moderately-priced TV and internet service. As for my family, we fell out in the mid-$150s. Be sure to stop by the telecommunications spending poll, participate if you haven’t had a chance, and check out the full results.

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  1. Anonymous

    I was in the $81-$100/mo category, but mine is no-landline, no-cell, with SpeakEasy DSL, DirecTV (plus HBO), and Vonage. Not a single penny of my money goes to either the cable company or the ILEC. Yay! 🙂

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