Tax Stimulus Rebate Payments to Start Early

If you’re expecting a tax stimulus rebate payment, your wait just got shorter. While the original tax rebate payment schedule called for payments to begin on May 2nd, a new computer system has allowed the feds to accelerate the schedule. Payments are now supposed to commence this coming Monday, four days early.

According to the new schedule, 800, 000 tax filers per day will receive direct deposit payments on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. No payments will go out on Thursday, and then 5, 000, 000 payments will be made on Friday. They’re hoping to get $50 billion out of the total $110 billion rebate program distributed by the end of May.

If you happen to be one of the lucky early recipients, please be sure to stop back in and post a comment when your payment arrives.

Source: CNN/Money

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  1. I think it’s fairly clear by now that the best answer is “wait and see.” They’re planning 800k deposits per day early in the week with 5 million more on Friday, so… Odds are that most people will get them on Friday. If I were you, I’d just sit tight. Also keep in mind that different banks have different policies when it comes to posting deposits, so it may have arrived and just isn’t showing up yet.

    Since we’re pretty much spinning our wheels at this point, I’m going to close down the comments.

  2. Anonymous

    Maby you can call the Irs if you one of the 1st to get one because the guy told me mine its in there system now I got all my info he was a nice guy

  3. Anonymous

    I have been checking all kinds of websites to see if it has some sort of real answer as to when the DD will go in, the last two of my soical is 40 and i did a free file w/ turbo tax however most websites i have checked have said the same old schedule. i have checked my checking account and nothing… i wish there was a “wheres my rebate” link that we could use to find out a definate date.

  4. Anonymous

    Still nothing here either. Mine is via direct deposit, last two digits of SS is 46, filed a 1040 form. I heard they are all going to be transmitted by this Friday and if you don’t have it in your bank account by then you won’t get one, other sources say it could be as late as next week. So I’m still confused as well…

  5. Anonymous

    Same thing our bank said…May 2…Kinda annoying though, as I’ve been doing the same as many here and checking my account every couple of hours. So far, those that I’ve heard of getting theirs early haven’t had children filed on their taxes…Is this true for those of you that have received your refund already?

  6. Anonymous

    I just called the irs and guy a REALLY nice guy and he looked up mine and he said we get ours on the 2nd of may and we used turbo tax…Wow now im happy I know and we used or credit card to pay. hope this helps ……..and he told us how much

  7. Anonymous

    I filed via TurboTax (PC edition). I paid my e-file fees via credit card. Here’s the rub: I *owed* taxes, which I paid via direct debit. My last two are 11; should I expect a stimulus deposit by May 2nd?

  8. Anonymous

    Does anyone know if the IRS is going alphabetical by state? I live in Wisconsin and I don’t know of anyone getting theirs yet. My husband’s last digits are #02. I e-mailed our bank and they don’t know either.

  9. Anonymous

    This \”early rebate\” event is so frustrating! I read the Moneycentral article as \”ALL DIRECT DEPOSITS WILL BE MADE BY FRIDAY, MAY 2\”. Then the IRS site still shows the old schedule. I called my credit union, and the guy on the phone also read me the old schedule, and when I told him that I have heard of people getting their money as early as Friday the 26th, he said that it\’s being announced on TV, but that it\’s not really true!!!!!ARRRRGH!

    So, someone give it a shot: We filed electronically (paid ahead using our VISA/Debit)in February, the last two digits of my social are 90, and we had it direct deposited. Now, can anyone tell me if I should expect my rebate this week?

  10. Anonymous

    No kidding. It is just as easy to pay by credit card than by deducting from your refund. I see a significant decrease in processing fees for Santa Barbara Trust next year. Just in case…. 🙂

  11. Anonymous

    I called the IRS just a minute ago and they told me since I went thru Turbo Tax (Santa Barbara) that I would get a check instead of direct deposit. I think since they already have my direct deposit info thru Santa Barbara bank for direct the stimulus should be direct also….I guess they didn’t tell me in the event we should get a stimulus refund would I like to rethink this whole plan?

  12. Anonymous

    Hey all… just a heads up.. Turbo tax, Jackson hewitt and other tax places are saying if you had fees deducted from your refund you will get a check mailed.. BUT according to Ms. Johnson at the IRS (yes I called) if you received direct deposit you will get direct deposit.. so if anyone who went thru turbo tax and did the whole take my fee thing from my refund gets a direct deposit let me know!!!! Gotta love the government… (is it 2009 yet?? )

  13. Anonymous

    I just called turbo tax and the guy said that if i used my credit card to pay I will get direct deposit..But I have no clue when still he just said the same thing may 2nd

  14. Anonymous

    I don’t think it matters if you filed online, it only matters how you paid to file your taxes. If you paid with your bank account or cc then it will still be direct deposit if you have it taken out of your taxed then you will receive a check….am I right or wrong?

  15. Anonymous

    Nothing yet our # is 7 and we havent gotten anything in bank yet…I hope by friday…or tomarrow at least. I cant wait also im like everyone else i guess

  16. Anonymous

    Besides using the last two social numbers, it’s also supposed to go in order it was received. That should be why some with higher numbers may be getting them before earlier social numbers. If you got refund, please state when you filed.

  17. Anonymous

    Tricia, I totally agree with you, if they have the information on the tax form and its your own personal bank account I dont see how that is any diffrent than the next guy who didnt have fees taken out, account info is acount info whats the dif people! how frustrating you think it would be the other way around for the people who did pay extra but not in this lifetime, if anyone does recieve a stimulus payment and they did go through an online filer, please let us know 🙂

  18. Anonymous

    once again, if you got your prep fees taken out of your refund, you will receive a check for the following reason. when you opted to have that fee taken out of your refund, another company processed that. in my fiance’s case, he used turbo tax and opted to have the fees taken out of his refund. santa barbara trust co did that for him (set up by turbo tax), but what happens is this. when his refund came through, the irs deposited it into santa barbara’s account, and then SB took the processing fees out and deposited the rest into our account.

    he will get a check.

    i paid for my by debit card and have already gotten my rebate in my account.

  19. Anonymous

    Did anyone who had their prep fees taken out of their refund receive their stimulus rebate by direct deposit? I don’t see why it can’t be done by direct deposit since your direct deposit info is on the tax form that you file.

  20. Anonymous

    I contacted the IRS at 800-829-0582 using extension 462. I was on hold for about 10 minutes. They would NOT tell me anything at all about the refund process. They only stated that in some circumstances, certain individuals were sent out a refund on Friday. They would not even state as to what those circumstances were. They referred me to the payment schedule listed on the website. I would encourage everyone to contact them……..

  21. Anonymous

    we used taxact, but deducted the fees from our checking acct. our last digits are 06, we have nothing yet. our bank is looking to see if there is something in the ACH waiting to clear. im going nuts and ive been on the bank website way too much:)

    thinking of calling the irs the website doesnt say much more than waht is posted or what people already know:(

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  24. Anonymous

    I would like to know as well… when are the deposits posting? After 2:00 or after midnight? I keep checking my account. I used tax act. com for free. My refund was deposited onto my Pre-Paid Walmart card, that I already had. The last 2 SS digits are 00, and it was filed in Feb. therefore I should be getting a payment….. on my card and I should have already received it… like others?? Does this make sense? The IRS is not talking about how they are posting the payments. This is really a bunch of bull to me. Why get peoples hopes up.. LOL

  25. Anonymous

    I bank at Great Western in Nebraska. I contacted them this morning and they stated that no one has received any to date, so maybe they are doing the deposits in leiu of the bank…..Not sure, but I keep checking anyway.

  26. Anonymous

    My SS ends in 00. I used turbotax to file and had my taxes directly deposited into a single account. I am getting conflicting answers on here… Does this mean, I am getting a paper check or direct deposit?

  27. Anonymous

    Gwen, why would the IRS use your address from 2006? that is incorrect, because i lived at a different address is 2006, and got my notices at my new address (the address i used when filing my 2007 taxes). they are going by the address you used when filing your 2007 taxes.

  28. Anonymous

    I agree with the above poster 🙂 I keep straying to the banks website and, ugh, nothing. I get $3,300 back (7 kids) so i’m a little bit anxious as well. My last two are 16 and I filed the beginning of Feb via Turbotax and I paid my fees with a credit card. Hoping today is my day :/ Good luck all!

  29. Anonymous

    I filed my taxes through a certified income tax preparer. I owed over $700.00. I had it automatically deducted from my checking account. Am I eligible for automatic deposit for the stimulus money? Thanks

  30. Anonymous

    not me samanth–last of ss is 13 :(–used tax act

    Im just going to go with it being deposited on Fri –the original date

    they should have just let it be an surprise instead of telling everyone the were coming early

    LOL–I can barely concentrate at work now

  31. Anonymous

    Samantha, I have not found a hotline, just the one page on the Turbo Tax website.

    Is there anyone who filed with an online tax program that has received their stim check?


  32. Anonymous

    I used H&R Block (online) to file my taxes in mid Feb 08. I did get a return direct deposited to my checking acount at that time.

    My last 2 of SS# is 11. Does any one know when I shoudl receive mine?

    From what I have read, I should have received it last night (Apr. 28th),direct deposited into my checking, but nothing there.

    I am looking to get a $900 stimulus check for myself and my son, but nothing yet..

  33. Anonymous

    Hello, I filed free e-file and direct deposit. So I know I qualify for direct deposit if this payment. My question is: With my last 2 being 27 I should be in the second set of direct deposits. But when is that going to be, by May 2 as some people say or May 9 as others say. If anyone could clarify I’d appreciate it.

  34. Anonymous

    My wife and I filed 1040ez and my two numbers are 48 and I still don’t have mine yet, so I don’t think they are going by that. According to the calculator we’re supposed to get $1200 but we only received the 1st notice and not the second.

  35. Anonymous

    what i want to know is….my fiance did his taxes through turbotax online (as did i). but he chose to have the fees for the tax filing taken directly out of his refund, so turbo tax sets u up with this Santa Barbara Trust Co to take the fees out of your refund, but they are the ones who direct deposited my fiance’s refund into our account. will the rebate get direct deposited, or will he get a check?

  36. Anonymous

    Same thing here, you’re in the clear…I’ve not received mine either (SSN 08). State has nothing to do with your federal taxes thankfully:) Everyone has the option to buy state when they file their Federal return for free, but again the two are completely separate.

  37. Anonymous

    Ok thanks Deanna

    It was a while back and I dont remember some aspects
    but on the websites, it says free efile and my deposit for my refund was the full amount…so Ill keep hope alive…

  38. Anonymous

    “I use tax act online for taxes and got a federal refund an owed for state

    When I go back and review, I see that I got my full refund and no fees were taken out

    and I never got a bill for what I owe for state

    Will I get a DD??
    Any help is appreciated”

    Unless you authorised them to take money out of your Federal refund, you should have no problem receiving your refund, via direct deposit, if you chose that option on your tax forms.

  39. Anonymous

    In reply to comment 74-
    “I wonder what I get back I made around 5400 and no kids also i am married anyone know?”

    You will get back $600, because after your standard deduction you would not have had any tax owed on your income…Married filing a joint return is anywhere between $600-$1200..I wish I had better news for you…

  40. Anonymous

    If you Ruthie or anyone else can help me

    I use tax act online for taxes and got a federal refund an owed for state

    When I go back and review, I see that I got my full refund and no fees were taken out

    and I never got a bill for what I owe for state

    Will I get a DD??
    Any help is appreciated

  41. Anonymous

    The reason people are receiving their money earlier than others, in regards to the direct deposit, is because they filed the tax form 1040EZ, or so I’ve heard…Does this apply to those that received their refunds already?

  42. Anonymous

    Sorry, I should clairify that. LOL If there were no charges for that third party ( turbo tax ) doing your taxes, than yes, it would be direct deposited. My sisters was also because she 2 quailified for low income free efile. I did not therefore I had to pay turbo tax to file and I will now get a papercheck. If there were not fee’s due to income levels, than yes, you would get DD. Sorry

  43. Anonymous

    I filed online using turbo tax’s free efile. There were no fee’s and my check was direct deposit into my account. My sister did her’s the same way and got her money yesterday, so Im sure it will come soon!

  44. Anonymous

    Michelle and others… Alot of people are expecting the stimulus checks to be direct deposited HOWEVER if you went through an online site and had your taxes done and the money they charged taken out of your taxes, ( third party) you will recieve a PAPER CHECK in the mail even though we had that direct deposited. Same goes with people who had their tax refunds put on a card such as HR Blocks. The paper checks are still not due to be sent up until a START date of May 16th and by ssn.

  45. Anonymous

    My friend got his saturday. but remember, to those of you who don’t know why you didn’t get yours yet, you will only recieve it if your tax return has been processed.
    if you sent in your tax paperwork at the last minute, then they will take time to get to you. only people who filed thier 2007 taxes get the rebate.

  46. Anonymous

    I filed through an online service such as Turbo Tax. I am so disapointed because i thought I would be getting my stimulus check no later than Friday May 2nd and now I am hearing most likely I will not get direct deposit and now a paper check because of it. I did choose the option to have that online service take the money out of my tax rebate. 🙁 Has anyone received a direct deposit even if they did this. My ssn ends in 08. blah.

  47. Anonymous

    thanks abby, i tried to call today after he gave me the letter he got. they know nothing until it is posted on their computer. I even called the state office. I don’t think they know what they are talking about. But ya I know they like to take their time sending out the refunds that go to exes. sometimes i think the gov is punishing us for being single and making them do more work, you would think that they would get punished for not supporting their kids.

  48. Anonymous

    we did our taxes through h & r block online but we payed the fees up front and had the check direct deposited will we qualify for a direct deposit. Christina

  49. Anonymous

    Amanda, I’m not sure how it works, because I always waited a long time to get his refund. It’s hard telling how long it will take for you to get his rebate. You might try calling your local or state child support office to see what they can tell you.

  50. Anonymous

    stacy, I also use a local credit union. there is a dead spot where something can be for up to 72 hours without being seen. I have d.deposit for all my checks and that is a pain. I had thenm explane the ‘dead spot’ to me one day. even if i use my debit as a credit card it can be hid and take up to 72 hours before it shows on my account.

  51. Anonymous

    My last two ssn digits are 01 and I filed early in Feb. via H&R Block online. I paid all of my fees on my debit card and had my refund direct deposited. I have been calling my bank (credit union)since Friday. The rep saw nothing even about to post (she even saw my paycheck about to post on Wed. & a check about to post this evening, but no Bush money).Perhaps is also by the area of the country and/or banking institution. I live in the south and use a local credit union.

  52. Anonymous

    abby, I did get the tax refund very fast I recieved that a week after he gat his notice. 3 days later I recieved his state check. I was just wondering because his last 2 ssn is 03 and the letter stated it was mailed out before friday if i would recieve this check even faster. extra money comes in handy when you have kids. and they are always in need of something.

  53. Anonymous

    I have a question. I will also be getting a check from my ex for child support. He recieved a letter friday that the check had been but had been taken for child support. How long will it be before I get it if it has been rerouted?

  54. Anonymous

    hey guys. just waiting on my rebate too. My last two of my ss are 19. me and my husband filed jointly and i was the main filer, so it is going by my ss. still nothing in the bank. he is in the navy and we used the navy to do our taxes and our refund was direct depostited. still, our bank sees nothing. does anybody know anything about military rebates or how the navy federal credit union works with this? thanks.

  55. Anonymous

    I’m sorry, I worded that wrong. I’ve got three tabs open right now of sites I’m posting on. I meant, still won’t get him direct deposit, or it will get him a paper check. I guess I combined the two. I’m sorry if you got your hopes up.

  56. Anonymous

    first i heard all direct deposit rebates will be all sent by may 2 then another site said may 9 just have to wait a week and see the irs web site is wrong they have not updated the time to receive your rebate

  57. Anonymous

    well in our cases bummer, no direct deposits, so we will be waiting until june and july, but then we look at it as well those people who already done got their money and spent it will be jealous when we get ours lol, thanks for the info, makes alot of sense now, but it is unfair that those of us who needed the money sooner for emergencies due to a hard (flooded) winter had to pay the fees and whatever now have to wait longer on top of it, but thats life right!

  58. Anonymous

    Sounds like he got a RAC, a refund anticipation check. If you are denied a RAL, you are automatically considered for a RAC. It differs from a RAL because it’s not a loan, but it still won’t get him a paper check because the IRS deposited his refund into the Santa Barbara account first to deduct any fees for the filing and for the fees from the bank for the RAC.

  59. Anonymous

    ok, so i understand that since i got a ral, and the remainder of my refund was deposited directly into my account i will be waiting for a paper check (june 20th last 2 of 61) but my fiance applied for a ral through the same place who uses santa barbara bank and trust, but he was denied the ral because i had already used the account for my refund, so since he was denied the ral they made him wait 2 weeks and ended up doing a refund transfer, now will he recieve a paper check or direct deposit? hopefully the later since his last 2 of his ss are 92

  60. Anonymous

    An article on MSN money said that all the direct deposits would be completed this week. But, the IRS site, although updated to say the deposits would start early, still has the three-week schedule up.

  61. Anonymous

    Can I post in html here? I would’ve made it a clickable link if I knew.

    Anyway, this article on MSN money said that all direct deposits would be completed this week. But, the IRS updated their site today, and although is said the deposits were starting early, it still had the same three weeks schedule for direct deposits posted. So, I’m not sure. One would assume the IRS site is right, but it didn’t even have the “early deposit update” until this afternoon. I know they are using a new program–that’s why the early deposits were possible–maybe they are worried about problems arising. Or maybe MSN Money is wrong.

  62. Anonymous

    No problem Tia. As far as I know the second notice everyone has been wondering about will come after you get the rebate. Make sure to save it. You’ll need it when you prepare your 2008 return. I haven’t discerned the way they’ve determined the order of the early distributions yet. I’ll happily field any other questions concerning eligibility for the rebate and how they determine the amount, though.

  63. Anonymous

    Any idea when someone with the last two digits of 54 will be deposited? This is really confusing. Maybe they should have left the schedule as is….but i guess if you get it early you don’t feel that way 🙂

  64. Anonymous

    If you did your taxes online you will have your rebate direct deposited if: 1)You didn’t pay any fees or paid your fees upfront with a credit card 2)You received a refund and 3)You had your refund direct deposited into a single account.

  65. Anonymous

    As far as I know i’m eligible for the payment but never received a notice. I called the treasury hotline and have no debts (was concerned about my student loans) on file. My last 2 digits are 04 and my bf’s are 08 and he received his on the 26th! I still haven’t received mine and neither has my brother and his are 14. I can see there is a strange order to this, could it be alphabetical?

  66. Anonymous

    If you had your fees deducted from your refund, the same would go for the online prep methods. Because your refund has to go somewhere before it goes to you, in order for your your prep fees to be paid.

  67. Anonymous

    I work in a tax office and I thought I would clarify the direct deposit issue concerning H&R Block, Jackson Hewitt, etc. If you had your fees from the tax place taken out of your refund, you will receive a paper check, even if the money you received from the remainder of your refund went into your bank account or onto a prepaid debit card offered by the tax office. This is why: when the IRS deposited your refund, they deposited into an account at a third-party bank where your fees for having your taxes done and also the fees due to the bank for that service are first deducted, then the rest is disbursed to you either by direct deposit, or by check picked up at the tax office. The only direct deposit info the IRS has on your return is for the third-party bank, not your personal account. This is why you will get a paper check. The only exception to this is if you had your refund deposited onto a prepaid debit card offered by the tax place, but paid your fees upfront and DID NOT have them taken out of your refund. In that case the rebate will go on your card.

  68. Anonymous

    For those of you who thought you were supposed to get yours today but have not recieved it yet, try calling your bank and speaking with are rep. I called my bank because I was tired of being disappointed everytime I learned my account balance hadn\’t changed and they told me mine had in fact been received and was post dated for 4/30. The last of my ss are 15. According to the rep, the banks are continuing to receive checks from the treasury, and they hold the check until the date it is dated for. Your bank very well may have received your payment, but hasn\’t posted it to your account yet.

    In regards to the second letter I didn\’t receive one either, but the guy at IRS said that didn\’t mean anything. I was concerned about a student loan that I had, so I was instructed to call the US Treasury at 800-304-3107. It will direct you to a line that will require you to put in your ss and tell you if you have any debts ie student loans, child support, taxes that will require refund to be offset.
    Hope this info helps.

  69. Anonymous

    I seem to qualify (made $12,000 in wages last year; single, no one can claim me as a dependent and I have no children) but I just got one notice. The generic letter explaining that Congress passed the economic stimulus package. I never got a second notice confirming I was going to get one, and neither did anyone else in my family and they qualify too. Does this mean you’ll only get a payment if you got a notice?

    My last two digits are 46 and no deposit yet…

  70. Anonymous

    Per Yahoo News:
    Both the direct deposit payments and the paper checks are being processed by the last two digits of a taxpayers’ Social Security number.

    For people receiving direct deposits, those with a Social Security number ending in 00 to 20 will have their economic stimulus payment deposited to their bank account by this Friday.

    Those with Social Security numbers ending in 21 to 75 will get their direct deposits by May 9 and those with Social Security numbers ending in 76 to 99 will get their deposits by May 16.

    For those receiving paper checks, the last paper checks, covering people with Social Security final digits from 88 to 99 will be in the mail by July 11 under the current schedule. The IRS estimates that about two-thirds of the payments will be paper checks and one-third will be direct deposits.

  71. Anonymous

    I wonder if it has anything to do with how soon you filed your taxes? Maybe people who filed earlier get the rebate earlier? We filed a week or two after we got our W2s so if that’s the case maybe we’ll get our rebate Tuesday or Wednesday…

  72. Anonymous

    Is it possible it is going by regions? Not just ssn. Like west coast then east ect… just a thought. I am awaiting also. And my last two are 14 and I am in the south area.

  73. Anonymous

    there was 800,000 deposits today and there will be 800,000 more on Tuesday and Wednesday..those of you that received it early, your bank release the money early(good banks)…there will be 5 million deposits on Friday…They’re skipping thursday…good luck my last two digits are 57

  74. Anonymous

    Ok just wanted to let everyone know I got really tired of wondering so I called the IRS today and like I said the last two of our ssn is 01 and we filed in late January so I was wondering were ours was and it turns out if you had your taxes done at Jackson Hewitt or H and r block or somewhere like that and you did an ARL or had it back to you faster they will not be done like a direct deposit they will be done in mailed checks.Like I expected mine back this week but they told me it will be mailed the 16th of may so I hope this helps the rest of you that are wondering.

  75. Anonymous

    In order to receive the rebate direct deposit, you must have had your taxes direct deposited into an actual bank account….All though person that went to HR block etc..or had there taxes direct deposited on card will have to wait on a paper check….

  76. Anonymous

    My Husband’s is 91 and we did not get anything, so its not reverse order. We only received one notice… did not hear anything about getting two notices. Also, filed in January by direct deposit.

  77. Anonymous

    I was also informed that if you got your refund put onto a “card” (h&r block card, walmart card, etc.) it will not be put back on the card. You will receive a check.

  78. Anonymous

    I also think the second notice many are expecting may come after the rebate itself. It should be a letter for you to keep track of the rebate when it comes to filing taxes next year. Not that you’ll have to pay more taxes next year, but those who don’t get the rebate but are due one will be able to claim it on next year’s taxes.

  79. Anonymous

    When they had the rebate at the beginning of the Bush administration, the government used the last two of the social to make the schedule going from lowest to highest. One would think that this time they might have start with the highest?

  80. Anonymous

    Our last two digits are 00 and we have not gotten ours either. Neither did we receive a second notice. We had ours deposited on a Wal-mart Money Card….. so why have we not gotten ours when it’s supposed to show right away?

  81. Anonymous

    The last two digits of my SS are 15 and i got mine on saturday. But my fiance, who’s last two digits are also 15 has not gotten his. Its all very weird.

  82. Anonymous

    For the people that did recieve their refund did you recieve a letter telling how much and when your refund would arrive?Because the hotline says if you are to recieve one you will recieve 2 letters prior to recieving it.

  83. Anonymous

    I filed my taxes through H&R Block online and had my fees deducted from my check but then direct deposited into my checking account. My papers show H&R block account. Does anyone know how this will affect direct deposit of stimulus payment?

  84. Anonymous

    My husband and I are waiting to.I did recieve the first letter from the IRS but never the second one.I did the estimator thing and it says we are suppose to get one.The last two of SSN is 01 for the people that already got one did your # fall before that?

  85. Anonymous

    Even though I had my federal refund direct deposited into my account and my last two digits are 12 and I got a letter stating i qualified for a stimulus payment, my account balance remains the same…..

  86. Anonymous

    I just got one today, but I’m not sure if it is mine or my fiance’s, since we share a bank account. To answer a question, no I didn’t get a notice. I just called the bank and asked if it had been deposited. I was wondering, though, I have been using these online tax rebate calculators and although I claimed single and put in that I have 1 dependent, it says I should get $600, but I thought I was supposed to get $600 plus $300 for 1 dependent. Anyone know about that?

  87. Anonymous

    I had my tax refund direct deposited, got a notice in the mail about my rebate, but I haven’t recieved my rebate yet either, and my last 2 digits are 14…:-(

  88. Anonymous

    I know that it was said that a notice would be sent out to let people know if they where going to get the rebate and the amount of the rebate. My husband and I both qualify for the rebate according to the irs calculator, but we have not gotten a notice that we will be getting the rebate.
    Just wondering, for those of you that already got the rebate, did you receive a notice?

  89. Anonymous

    Yeah, my husband’s last two digits are 12 and we haven’t gotten ours yet either. What are some of the digits for the direct deposits that have already taken place? Odd.

  90. Anonymous

    I already got my stimulus rebate direct deposited into my bank account this past saturday. It was an early suprise. $600.00 was direct deposited, as expected, but over a week early. can’t beat that.

  91. Anonymous

    Mine has already posted to my account! I figured I’d be among the first since the last two digits of my SSN falls within the range of the first distributions.

    Although it is dated in my checking account for 4/28, it posted Friday night 4/25!