Tax Holidays Starting Soon

Don’t forget… If you live in the following states, your state sales tax holiday is starting this weekend:

Alabama, August 3rd-5th
District of Columbia, August 4th-12th
Georgia, August 2nd-5th
Florida, August 4th-13th
Iowa, August 3rd-4th
Missouri, August 3rd-5th
New Mexico, August 3rd-5th
North Carolina, August 3rd-5th
Oklahoma, August 3rd-5th
South Carolina, August 3rd-5th
Tennessee, August 3rd-5th
Virginia, August 3rd-5th

In contrast, residents of the following states still have a bit of time to get ready for their tax holiday:

Connecticut, August 19th-25th
Texas, August 17th-19th

If you’re lucky enough to live in a state that offers a sales tax holiday, be sure to use it wisely… Don’t go out and buy stuff just because it’s tax free.

For full details: 2007 State Tax Holidays

10 Responses to “Tax Holidays Starting Soon”

  1. Anonymous

    Massachusetts is August 11th and 12th…

    I think I might be buying an LCD for the bedroom and will ‘penalize’ myself buy throwing in the tax I would have spent, multiplied by two into our brokerage account.

  2. Anonymous

    Sales tax holidays — and of course, the comparable sales — are perfect for those who have limited income but still need to buy the necessary back-to-school supplies and clothing for their kids.

  3. Anonymous

    What’s the purpose of a sales tax holiday? It perversely provides the least benefit to those who need tax relief the most, and the most benefit to those who need it least.

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