Super Bowl (and Stock Market) Prediction Poll Results

Based on the results of my highly scientific poll, I can now predict that the stock market will be either up or down during the next year… We now have over 100 votes, and that Indianapolis Colts hold a 58% to 42% lead over the Chicago Bears.

Just to re-cap the point of this poll, the ‘Super Bowl Indicator’ hold that whenever a team from the old AFL (now the AFC) wins the Super Bowl, the stock market will experience a down year. But when the winner comes from the old NFL (now the NFC), we’ll have a bull market. The problem with this year’s Super Bowl is that the AFC representative (Indianapolis) hails from the old NFL, as does the NFC representative (Chicago). So now we’re left to wonder if this is a win-win or a lose-lose matchup (either way, one team from the old NFL will win and another will lose). Hmmm… Here’s the deal:

I can now predict with confidence that the market will be up or down this year!

If you haven’t had a chance to participate, hop on over to the Super Bowl prediction poll and register your vote. We still have a little more than a week until the big game.

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