Sunday Roundup – Twitter Edition

This past week I finally gave in and joined all the cool kids who have a Twitter account. In case you’re not aware, Twitter is a “micro-blogging” service where you can make short (140 character max) text-based posts using a variety of methods (web, 3rd party app, IM, or text message). This is an interesting little service that provides an outlet for the sort of minutiae that you just have to share with someone, but which isn’t really worth bothering anyone.

If you’re curious, you can follow me on twitter by going here:

And with that, let’s get to the roundup…

» The $100-A-Day-Rule Prevents Impulse Buying
NCN weighs in with another nice money saving tip… For every $100 that something will cost, wait one day before making the purchase. So if you decide that you want something that will cost $100, wait ’til tomorrow. $1400? Wait two weeks. This sort of cooling off period give you a chance to re-think your buying decision and to search for cheaper alternatives.

» Top 5 Online Banks: Savings or Checking Accounts
A nice little list of banking options from Jim. This is essentially a slimmed down version of my “reader’s choice” article on the best high-yield online bank accounts, though he takes a broader view by talking about checking accounts as well.

» Do You Use Money to Discourage Bad Behavior
FMF tackles the issue of whether or not it’s okay to “fine” kids for their transgressions — is an allowance only to be used for teaching kids about money, or is it okay to use it as a disciplinary tool, as well?

» Save More Gas by Safely Following Trucks
An interesting idea for slowing down on the freeway without getting honked at.

» Why Debt Stinks: Every Windfall Is Already Spoken For
The title says it all… If you’re in debt, every little windfall that might otherwise brighten your day is already spoken for — unless, of course, you want to incur more debt.

» Six Ways to Find Additional Money
We’ve all heard (and said) it before… If only I had a bit more money, I’d [do x, y, or z]. Well, guess what? Most of us actually have plenty of money — we just need to free it up.

» Retirement Planning Checklist: 43 Tasks to Get You Ready!
Most of us still have quite awhile to before retirement. But for those who are getting close, here’s a great list of tips for getting ready for the big day.

» The Snowball Effect: How Little Moves Now Can Create Huge Effects Later
Trent talks about how “paying it forward” from one frugal move to another can create an avalanche of savings. Very insightful.

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