Sunday Roundup – The Back Porch Edition

After having abnormally cold weather earlier this week (along with a malfunctioning heat pump) it’s now 70 degrees and sunny. As such, I’m coming to you live from the back porch. Gotta love that wireless internet! And now, time for a link roundup…

For starters, here are a few articles on budgeting:

Next up, four articles about investing:

And finally, here are four other somewhat random articles that caught my eye:

I included that last one for those of you that are still mired in the midst of a long, cold winter. That’s it for now… Time to enjoy the rest of the day!

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  1. Anonymous

    Hey Nickel I really appreciate the mention! I got the idea for the article about saving money in the winter the other day when everyone was going out but I figured if I’m cold with 3 layers on there really is no point to be going out. I wonder if anyone else here finds themselves saving more money in the winter or spending more?

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