Sunday Roundup – Back to School Edition

Our kids went back to school this past week. Seriously. At the beginning of August. When I was a kid, school always started the Tuesday after Labor Day. That old September-June school year is so engrained in me that it still doesn’t feel like summer vacation until early June, even though the kids get out a month earlier. That means our summers now feel like they’re two-thirds as long.

Oh, and get this… Our seven year old has already picked up a cold from his first few days back in the germ factory at school. We’re hoping against hope that it won’t spread to the rest of us.

And now, here are some recent articles that caught my eye…

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  1. Anonymous

    Wow, beginning of August is pretty early. It’s probably a little more peaceful at home now that they’re back at school : ) thanks for mentioning the post on the costs of selling your home.

  2. Anonymous

    There are a lot of excellent articles in that list… thanks for including mine.

    My wife doesn’t go back to the germ factory until the beginning of September… that’s how we roll in Michigan. Usually it’s the end of August, just the way the calendar fell this year.

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