Summer Travel Plans

Summer Travel PlansI don’t know about you guys, but we’re headed out of town for a glorious week of relaxation. In fact, by the time you read this, we’ll have nearly reached our destination.

As we do nearly every summer, we’re traveling by car, and we’ll wind up covering close to 3, 000 miles by the time we get back home. With that as a backdrop, I thought it would be fun to run another poll.

Will you be traveling this summer? If so, will you be driving? How far will you be going? Please weigh in below, and please leave a comment to add some context.


And now, for your reading pleasure, here are some articles that are stuffed with tips on how to save money on vacation travel:

And one more that suggests taking a “staycation” instead of going on vacation.

Happy travels!

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7 Responses to “Summer Travel Plans”

  1. Anonymous

    Will by flying to location and renting a car. It would take just too much time to drive, flying is the easiest way and with a free flight on Southwest works out the best.

  2. Anonymous

    We will take a couple of long weekends to Charlotte for weddings. 🙂 About 500 miles one way from here. The drive is only about 9 hours and it goes by quickly. 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    I think about the farthest I’m going to get this summer is about 150-200 miles from home for a weekend trip. I might try to go to a motorcycle track day with some friends in August.

  4. Anonymous

    we’ll actually take several long weekend trips that are 300 miles, or so(one way.) A week or two at a time has just NEVER happened for us.

  5. Anonymous

    We’re driving to a Georgia beach for our summer vacation. It’s about 800 miles round trip and is one of the closest beaches. That’s our rationale. We were aching for a beach. A lake wasn’t going to cut it this year.

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