Subscribing to the Consumer Reports Money Adviser

While perusing the Money Guy’s website last night, I ran across a recommendation for the Consumer Reports Money Adviser. I hadn’t ever heard of it, so I hopped on over to Amazon to take a look.

Here’s their description:

Consumer Reports Money Adviser

100% unbiased monthly financial newsletter. (No advertising, No commercial ties.) Easy-to-read articles, tips and strategies to help you maximize your returns and make your personal financial decisions with confidence.

There are only two reviews so far, one of which is highly favorable, whereas the other is somewhat lukewarm. Thus, it’s hard to say how good this actually is. But since I’m a fan of both Consumer Reports and the topic of money, I think that I’ll go ahead and subscribe. I’ll let you guys know what I think once it starts arriving.

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  1. Anonymous

    I am receiving a bill for a gift subscription I am supposed to have made, but I don’t remember anything about it. Please enlighten me;
    I was trying to find a phone #

  2. Anonymous

    I am currently subscribing money adviser but i learn more reading blogs. Lots of times my issue missing(I had to call them) in mail. Too basic stuff will be done reading entire issue in few hours.

  3. Anonymous

    Its a fairly good read based on research and studies rather than hype and opinion. It’s independent of the monied interests and there is usually at least a little gem in each issue.

  4. Anonymous

    Right on, SMB and Cindy: I’ve got a subscription but unless the newsletter gets a lot better, doubt if I’ll renew. Most of the stuff is self-evident or commonplace. Every now & again you run into something new — I hadn’t heard about Vanguard’s new Managed Payout Funds, for example — but most of this stuff appears on the PF blogs, often in much greater depth.

    It appears to be targeted toward older readers who don’t know much about personal finance.

  5. Anonymous

    My parents get this newsletter. When I was visiting in summer 2007, I read lots of their archived copies. I have to say that it was only O.K. Most of the info was pretty basic, but they did have a few gems, like a review of how bad Ameriprise will screw you over with fees and whatnot. They didn’t hold back.

    My parents are HUGE consumer reports fans and very good at PF… actually my dad has a PhD in Econ and teaches at a university. I asked them why they got the newsletter and they said they had no idea. Funny!

  6. Anonymous

    I love Consumer Reports Money Adviser. I subscribed a couple months ago, and think it’s great. It’s thin, but the info is solid. I just got my first issue of the American Association of Individual Investors newsletter, but I haven’t had a chance to look through it. I think I just signed up for “Bottom Line Personal”, too.

  7. Anonymous

    Not that it is very related… just saw this promotion on “US News and World Report” on Best Deal Magazines. 40 issues for $4.69, down to $4.16 when you use 16OFF coupon code. Today only.

  8. Anonymous

    I have been very please with consumer reports, so it will be good to find out if they have a decent PF section… Though, I never subscribe to what you mentioned, I haven’t been too impressed with any PF advice I have found on their site.

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