Stretch Your Dollar with Fabulous Freebies

After having my baby, I quit my job to stay home with her and money has been tight. Grocery couponing doesn’t work well for our family. So to stretch our dollars further without spending too much time and effort, I started paying attention to freebies around our everyday activities. I already wrote about free summer activities for the whole family. This post will extend it further and explore ways to find free stuff for kids, free repairs, services and skills.

Free services

  • Learn more about personal finance, investing or wealth planning: You read this site, which is a great start. If you are more of a classroom-learning sort of person, check out your library, local banks and credit unions. They offer great financial literacy classes. Some might even offer one-on-one investing advice. Just be wary of a sales pitch that is thinly veiled as investing advice.
  • Free résumé advice and job coaching: The Department of Labor has a plethora of free resources for job seekers. Their one-stop career center will review your résumé, offer job coaching, new skills training, counseling on how to pay for school if you are considering that option, and will even help with salary negotiation. Find a center close to you here: CareerOneStop.
  • Free jewelry cleaning: If you have always paid for jewelry cleaning, you might want to check out stores like Fred Meyer Jewelers and Kay Jewelers. They will clean your entire collection for free while you wait; it doesn’t matter where you bought the jewelry.
  • Eyeglass adjustments: Do your glasses fit properly? Many vision centers like LensCrafters or Visionworks will do an adjustment and cleaning for free.
  • Free mini hair-do and a conditioner: If you have a JCPenney Dry Bar Xpress near you, you can get a mini hair-do and a free mini hair spray or conditioner just for checking them out.
  • Free facials: The Origin store offers free mini-facials, including exfoliation and brightening services.

Free kids stuff

  • Free Disney movies: If you want to keep your kids occupied, the Disney Movies Anywhere app will let you play your favorite Disney movie on any mobile device.
  • Free food for kids: Want to feed your kids for free on your day out in the city? The KidsMealDeals app will keep you updated on no-cost bites near you.
  • Free ticket for circus: If you sign up for the Baby’s First Circus program, you will receive a voucher that can be exchanged for a circus ticket to any Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey performance.
  • Free Broadway ticket: Catching a Broadway show? Take your kids for free with one adult ticket purchase. Check out the Kids Night on Broadway for details on how to get your free ticket.
  • Imagination Library: Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library will mail, for free, one age-appropriate book a month to kids from infancy to age five. Check out their website to see if your neighborhood is registered; if not, you can help get one started.

Free classes and knowledge

  • Free cooking classes: William-Sonoma offers a wide variety of cooking and hosting classes at their store; as a bonus, you get 10 percent off the merchandise used in the class if you purchase it on the same day. You do not have to buy anything from the store to attend.
  • Free yoga classes: Lululemon stores offers complimentary yoga classes every week at their store. You can find one closest to you here.
  • Free beauty clinics: Sephora offers classes on picking the right makeup for your skin type and creating a skin-care routine. Some stores even offer complimentary makeup for special occasions if you buy $50 worth of merchandise.
  • Free outdoor knowledge: Want to know how to fix a flat tire on your bike or how to prepare for your mountain-climbing adventure? Check out your local REI store. They offer clinics on everything outdoors including wilderness medicine and photography.
  • Free online courses: Want to take classes at MIT? Several prestigious universities are now offering their classes online.

Miscellaneous free stuff

Of course, there are plenty of other additional free resources like local, state and national parks, museums around the country, seasonal free offers and giveaways that are common knowledge, so I didn’t make mention of them in this post.

What are your favorite freebies? Can you recommend any additional resources for other readers?

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  1. Anonymous

    I think another good thing would be to mooch off family! I use my parent’s HBO Go and my sister and I each pay for a streaming service but share both. Not exactly free (unless you truly mooch) but still a great idea!


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