State and Local Sales Tax Rates (Map)

As a followup to this morning’s post about state sales tax holidays for back-to-school shopping, I thought I’d share this map of state sales tax rates from the Tax Foundation.

(click map to enlarge)

Some interesting tidbits…

The ten states with the highest sales tax rates (from highest to lowest) are: Tennessee, California, Arizona, Louisiana, Washington, New York, Oklahoma, Illinois, Arkansas, and Alabama.

At the other end of the spectrum, Delaware, New Hampshire, Montana, and Oregon have no state sales tax. Interestingly, New Hampshire also has no state income tax, though it does tax investment income along with inheritance, business income, etc.

Please note that the above map includes local sales taxes (city, county, and municipal) as a weighted average based on population numbers, so the numbers might not match up exactly with the rates that you pay.

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  1. Nickel

    Melissa: This graphic was produced by the Tax Foundation, so I have no control over. That being said, I did notice that they failed to color code Alabama as a member of the top ten. I discovered another minor error or two in there when I sifting through the data (can’t recall what they were), but it does a good job of reflecting the current situation overall.

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