Stamp Prices Increased Today – Use Enough Postage

Just a friendly reminder that stamp prices increased from $0.39 to $0.41 today. Be sure to double-check your postage before dropping your mail in the mailbox!

Another option would be to hop on over to for their free trial — you get a bunch of free postage and other goodies.

3 Responses to “Stamp Prices Increased Today – Use Enough Postage”

  1. Anonymous

    Nickel –

    Blaine probably uses Norton AV with the security settings on high. If that’s the case, your CJ link and the corresponding anchor text will be blocked — resulting in a blank space. You should use a PHP redirect to prevent that from happening.

  2. Anonymous

    I sent a couple of letters yesterday, but luckily I still had a bunch of two centers from the last time the price went up.

    By the way, you don’t mention where to hop on over to…missing a word in there somewhere.

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