Stamp Prices Increased This Week

After having written about the upcoming stamp price increase way in back in February, I almost forgot about it myself. In case you missed it, stamp prices went up from $0.41 to $0.42 this past Monday. Hopefully you have “Forever” stamps. If not, you’ll need those pesky little penny stamps to round things out.

Whatever you do, don’t send off a bunch of bills with the wrong postage on them — there’s nothing worse than getting a bill that you paid on time returned to you after the due date because of insufficient postage.

While we’re talking stamps, why not hop on over to for a bunch of free postage and a free digital? You can always cancel if you don’t like it.

2 Responses to “Stamp Prices Increased This Week”

  1. Anonymous

    These frequent postage increases are really starting to irritate me. I still have a handful of 2 cent stamps to offset my finally dwindling roll of 39 cent stamps, and now I need to get 1 cent stamps just so I can use my remaining stock.

    This is mainly for stuff I have to mail for work, so it isn’t the cost that is an issue, but the stupid extra stamps you have to put on.

    I mean, why can’t they just grandfather the old stamps? I’d like to see if the 1 penny they lose from a few people using up their existing stamps is more than the actual cost of printing all these stupid 1 and 2 cent stamps. I’m willing to bet that it is costing them more to print all the extra stamps than to let people get away without paying an extra penny.

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