Stamp Price Increase Reminder

Just a friendly reminder that stamp prices are going up on January 8th, 2006… So don’t go out and buy a boatload of stamps in the next week or so — that is, unless you want to go back out and buy a bunch of $0.02 stamps such that you can piece together the appropriate amount of postage for your outgoing mail. Take it from me, offloading a bunch of too-small stamps is a pain in the butt (says the guy who has made this exact mistake at least once).

Here’s another tip… Hop on over to for a bunch of free postage — you can always cancel if you don’t like it.

5 Responses to “Stamp Price Increase Reminder”

  1. Anonymous

    I do not particularly see the analogy as being appropriate, Morris. When you purchase gasoline, you are purchasing a tangible good. When you purchase a stamp, you are not purchasing the stamp itself. It is merely a credit you can use towards later services from the post office.

    A better analogy would be buying a gift certificate to a restaurant that has $7 hamburgers. When you go in to buy yourself a hamburger, and they have raised the price to $10, your gift certificate is applied against the new price, not the old price.

    Stamps are a conveniance, not a physical good. You can sell your stamps back to the post office at face value and purchase 39 cent stamps, if you want.

  2. Anonymous

    I wanted to bring out a point about postage increase. If you were to buy a tank of gas and a few days later get a call from the service station letting you know that gas prices have gone up and you need to come by and pay the difference on the gas you already purchased…. my point is, the postal service does this frequently, I have 4 rolls of stamps I had already purchased, now I have to add a 2 cent stamp. They should have to honor the current stamp until they are all used up. Otherwise, the gas station scenario is not all that far fetched.


  3. Anonymous

    I know — I hate this too!!!! Now I have to put TWO stamps on everything until I run out of the current set. Sheesh! Like I have nothing else better to do.

    BTW, why don’t they turn the postal service over to UPS or FedEx. Having it run by someone who knows something about business rather than a government bureaucrat would probably LOWER the cost of a stamp. Don’t get me started….

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