Solving Dish Network Customer Service Problems

I’m starting to feel like a broken record here, but I think we’re getting close to the end of our Dish Network saga… About a week after filing a complaint against our Dish Network reseller, I still hadn’t heard back from the Better Business Bureau, so I decided to escalate the situation on my own… I hopped on over to Yahoo! Finance and looked up the contact information for Dish’s parent company, EchoStar Communications Corporation (DISH). Once I had the number for their corporate headquarters (it’s 303-723-1000, by the way), I grabbed the phone and settled in for a fight.

When the receptionist picked up, I explained that I’ve been having trouble with my Dish Network service and that the ‘regular’ customer service reps had been unable to help me. I then asked if they had a higher level of customer service that could intervene. She said yes, and asked if I’d be willing to hold while she got someone. I agreed, and after a ten minute wait I was speaking to someone in their Corporate Customer Service wing.

After explaining for the umpteenth time that we hadn’t received the $49.99 credit for what should have been a ‘free’ installation because the reseller screwed up and failed to note that I had signed an 18 month agreement, the rep explained to me that the reseller is responsible for setting up the account, so I really need to deal with them. I then re-explained that I had been trying to deal with the reseller for nearly three months, and had gotten nowhere. After a bit more prompting, she agreed to put me on hold and call the reseller on my behalf. A few minutes later she was back on the line. Apparently the reseller claimed (as they have been telling me for months) that they’ve been trying to send the paperwork to Dish to change the account, but they’ve had no luck. I told her that’s the same runaround that I’ve been getting all along, and so she put me on hold again and went to speak to her ‘Promotions Manager’.

When she got back on the line, she had good news… The Promotions Manager had agreed to manually change our account to reflect the 18 month agreement. According to her, this means that we’ll be receive the $49.99 credit on our next bill, and that we also now qualify for the Digital Home Protection Plan free for the duration of our contract. This service, which is basically an extended warranty on our Dish hardware, normally runs $5.99/month. I wouldn’t have paid for it in the first place, but since it’s free, I’ll take it. I just have to remember to cancel it at the end of our contract, as I’m sure they’ll automatically ‘upgrade’ us to the paid version as soon as our agreement lapses.

Anyway, I digress… The bottom line here is that going straight to the corporate mothership was the most direct route to salvation. Granted, I spent 32 minutes on the phone (yes, I’m anal, and I time stuff like this). But this saga is now (hopefully) coming to an end.

As an aside, escalating things to the corporate level is often a good way of getting satisfaction. I had similarly frustrating troubles with service on my Apple laptop about 18 months ago. The logic board had gone out for the second or third time, and the replacement part was on seemingy eternal backorder. I was finally able to get this resolved by going to Apple’s Corporate Customer Care. Their solution? They sent me a brand new laptop in place of my nearly three year old PowerBook that was almost out of AppleCare coverage. The replacement was the current top of the line, complete with a new warranty, and eligible for three more years of AppleCare. Some companies just know how to take care of their customers. Apple is right up there with Hampton Inn in my book.

Oh, by the way… Later in the day I finally got an e-mail confirmation from the Better Business Bureau saying that they’re on the case, and that they will be working for a resolution. They also asked me to notify them if I had resolved the situation on my own. Given my experience thus far, I decided that I’m going to leave the BBB on the case until I actually see the credit for our installation fee show up on our bill.

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  1. J murray

    How about the fact
    I ordered service on may 24-2017
    They sent a tech out on june 2 he broke one of my three new Tvs
    Boxes were wrong
    I waited 11 days wentbout and bought a new tv
    Called dish to come back and hook it up
    Long story short it took till june 11th but there billing me from may 24 i didnt have half my tvs
    Wrong boxes no signal
    Andbi have to pay them
    They should pay me to watch there stuff
    I took off work 4 days bought another tv
    And its june 20th and I still havent been reimburse

  2. Woa! I cant believe how rude the customer service reps are for dish network!! When you ask to speak to a supervisor they tell you it isnt waranted for this! I hung ip and asked the next customer service rep to speak to a supervisor and was told same thing. This is rediculous. It is my right to speak to your boss. When you are asked to to transfer someone to supervisor then you haft to do so. Im about to cancell my dish network account real soon! I want to speak to a supervisor about this. Mist likely i wont get to! But ive seen on here how i can get some issues resolved!

  3. C. Shannon

    I have had Dish for several years now and have had little or no problems until now. It is such a small problem that you think Dish would have come out and fixed it in a days time. We advised my Niece to get dish since we have always enjoyed having it. How wrong I was. When she ordered dish they brought out the satellite and dropped it on the ground and went off and left it, saying they would be back with a pole in a few days. Well its been a month and 5 phone calls still no pole. The grass is getting high and we can’t cut it because of the lines that is exposed. So the only choice I have now since they said if they come out and put it on a pole they will charge a high price. Well we will leave it till we contact a lawyer and the BBB and the TV stations. I cannot believe that Dish has gotten this bad to there customers. Everyone I spoke to about the problem has had tan attitude that they could care less. So Direct TV we are giving you a call after we call the BBB, Lawyer, and the TV stations.

  4. Al Couch

    I recently cancelled my Dish Network service after many years, because of budget constraints. purchased a Roku streaming device s s couple of streaming services for a fraction of the price i had been pay Dish for all those years. The problem was, after cancelling DISH service I was left with no local channels, So I legally purchased a Dish Receiver and an over the air module that allows me to receive local over sir tv programming. However, upon installing the Dish receiver I learned that it would not tune in to the local channels. Upon calling Dish Network they informed me that I could not use the Dish Receiver to receive local over the air programming unless I subscribed to one of their programming packages, which I do not want or do not need. How can Dish legally require me to purchase programming from them that I don’t want and don’ need in order to use the dish Receiver that i purchased legally for the sole purpose of receiving local over the air tv programming? I don’t understand how Dish can get away with doing this. Has anyone else had a similar problem with Dish after cutting the cord and cancelling their service?

  5. Anonymous

    Years after this original post, and DISH has gotten worse, if that’s even possible. I was overcharged, had the account shut off, lost all of our “credits”, and have been arguing with the “office of the president” for over a week now. Complete joke. BBB and m local state psc will be my next stop. Dish is probably the worst company, public service wise, thst I have ever dealt with. Thing is, they couldn’t care less.

  6. Anonymous

    I have been trying in vain to reach your 866 disconnect number….it rings busy all the time….I have been in touch with DISH to try and disconnect an account at 651-786-5952…Ronald Bentley….my wife tried they insist she can’t because she is not the account holder….I have tired other agents and it spins back to contact the 866 number….twenty + times busy….I am working in Canada Pat does not watch TV,…we have been a customer for eight years….I want to disconnect….until I move back to the US permanently….Starting to wonder if I just don’t pay the bill maybe that is the way to do it!

  7. Anonymous

    I feel very lucky right now that there are others out there that are not willing to give up and search and search for a solution. I would’ve done the EXACT same thing you did. I am writing to say thank you for showing where to find the number to the corporate headquarters. I didn’t even think about searching yahoo. I have actually spoken to verizons “executive office,” which is the highest you can go next to contacting the regional president. wouldn’t you know it? the president actually is reachable and transferred my complaint to someone with an extension that was able to help me! With my experience, between 2 people at the call center and 2 store reps, verizon lost a great deal of money after all she jad to credit my account with. I can gaurantee that 1st rep that caused all the problems along with the customer call center rep that told me wrong info, will be getting a slap on the wrist. Wouldn’t it be interesting if every time workers made mistakes like this, instead of the company losing money, it’d come out of the workers pay? that’s how it is in fast food places. nust a thought. thanks again!!

  8. Anonymous

    I made the big mistake of leaving Direct Tv for Dish network, due to the fact Direct Tv doesn’t offer any specials to long time customers. I thought I would sign with Dish get similar service at the reduced price. I was so wrong I started my service on 6/5/16. Immediately i started to notice channels disappearing, constant lost of sinal (even on nice days) and when it rained the sinal would continue to be lost up to 2 hours after the rain lets up. This past Monday we had showers for most of the day I lost my sinal and it has not been up since. I called Dish the told me they would have someone out on Friday (yesterday) after taking off work and spending my morning home waiting on a technician. I received an email stating “the tech had came and left due to no answer at residents”. I called Customer Service who basically told me I was lying about being home, and gave me a dead wrong description off my residents. At that point I requested to cancel the service and they informed me that after 21 days of horrible service they would be charging me early termination fee of $460.00. DO NOT…. I REPEAT DO NOT SIGN UP FOR DISH NETWORK THE SERVICE SUCKS LITERALLY INCLUDING CUSTOMER SUPPORT. #DishnetworksucK

  9. Anonymous

    i have been dish network customer for more than nine years,i have been very loyal customer with them,but last sunday i called their customer service to get my remote control program to work with the tv #2 and that rep never been able to know how to direct me at all,he had me running from one tv to another and all ways saying thank you sir every minute thank you sir,i said to my self what kind the idiot i\\\’m i talking with here boy let me hang up the phone here before i hang my neck on rope ,this guy had my pressure going so high i\\\’m glad he was at least five hundred miles away ,i believe i will got my self major charge,that was round one
    now round number 2 3 and 4 the reps on monday and tuesday were very cold they knew i profasional thing and that was hang up baby not once not twice not three times but four executive times they hung the phone on my face,i just cant believe it,that those reps are that cold,i just hope the dish network company will start hang these employees out of work,i love to watch tv and i love dish net but i have been disrespected by their guys,now i\\\’m sitting home with out tv ,but its okay god bless the inter net i can see it all for free with out paying $128.00 month ,i must say this that people like the dish network reps are the major distruction of any company.we must let every body know that its not the economy its bad or the berack obama is bad no no no its the careless people in these companies are the head of the snake and they should go,i don\\\’t know if i can trust their equipment to work right or their employees to answer the customers right,i hope some one with good common sense will do something about my complaint ,
    thank you all very much and god bless america

  10. Anonymous

    They have swindled my retired limited income mother. She paid her contract in full and yet three months after she canceled service they illegally charged her credit card a $17 early termination fee. They have been lying to her and giving her the run around for three months. Here is a tip for all of you that are being abused by dish network. They don’t care about customer service. They lie. They will not put you through to a supervisor because it is their policy to fire any customer service rep who can not get you to seem somewhat satisfied by their answers and lies. If you insist on a supervisor you will either be switched to another employee instead so that they don’t get fired or to an Account Specialist whose job it is to talk in circles and tell you that there is no information on your account and you will just have to accept whatever they decide to state is their policy on that given day. So here is what you can do, instead of trying to fight their convoluted system. File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Yes they have thousands of complaints against them but every new one gets them closer to being investigated. More importantly, contact the Federal Trade Commission and file a complaint against them. This will get them investigated and fined thousands of dollars for violating consumers rights, which they are doing. Finally, if you don’t mind being seen on TV, contact your local news station with your story and they will report on it and investigate. These actions will get you better results than calling their customer service line. Dish does not want more bad publicity. Good luck to all of those being scammed by this company.

  11. Anonymous

    On Oct 3rd 2013 a text message came across My phone that states : Thank you for your payment of 500.00 to DIsh Network .on that message i called dish seven times before we did a conference call with my bank . This charge was not done bank could not cancel and the payment was process on Oct 7th 2013 which is today.. I talk too five people before your dish employee said let’s do refund. I am so disturb and hurt that u went into my account but now my account is short n now i have to wait three to five days. So so sad

  12. Anonymous

    if you have problems with dish network and associate sales offices contact FCC THE FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS HEADQUARTERS in washington dc. the FCC governs laws and regulations of what any communication company can and cannot do. communications covers everythig such aS newpapers,radio,television, and companis such as sattle light, cable television. anything to do with public viewing hearing, and seeing newspapers INCLUDES ADVERTISING YOU SEE AND HEAR. laws on charges , how the production, viewing and charges of such, collection of charges of and proper information before a charge is maDE. IF YOU ARE CHARGED WRONG BY DISH NETWORK PLEASE CONTACT FCC. THEY DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO GET CREDIT CARD INFO BEFORE YOU PURCHASE. THEY CANNOT PLACE OR CHARGE YOUR CREDIT FOR THE SERVICE BY TELLING YOU THEY WILL PUT $1.00 ON AND TAKE OFF AND INSTEAD CHARGE YOU FOR A MONTHS SERVICE. NOT LEGAL . I CHECKED MY CARD AND WAS CHARGED FULL PRICE AND A DOLLAR CHARGE WAS NOT PLACE FIRST. CHECK YOUR CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD

  13. Anonymous

    Call me “Frustrated as Hell”! After fulfilling my 2 yr contract with Dish, I cancelled service. Then I mistakenly made another payment to Dish. I have tried effortlessly through their customer service dept to get them to refund my payment of $96. Each time I call they tell me they are charging me for early cancellation fee + return shipping for equipment, leaving me a refund due of $11. They’ve told me there is no manager I can speak with, only supervisors. I’m done with customer service reps and their supervisors. It’s enough to make you go mad or to simply give up! So here’s a huge “THANK YOU” for providing the corporate number here. I will try them tomorrow and hope for a resolution/refund.

  14. Anonymous

    I’m not just disappointed I am livid. I recently moved to a small town and the only option for cable is satellite. A few years ago I had the unfortunate opportunity to be a DISH customer so I switched providers. I thought maybe after all the time and having moved 2000 miles there might be a difference. NOT! My initial order was not correct, the billing was screwed up and after 1 short month the receiver quit working. First call was about my bill, the customer service rep explained to me that the charge of $44.43 was to be credited to my account although this never happened. When I called about not having a DVR I was informed that it would cost me an extra $100 dollars to get one in addition I may be charged for the repair of the faulty receiver but they couldn’t determine the end result at the time of the phone call even though I had purchased the equipment protection plan. I told the customer service rep. that I would not pay for the mistakes of DISH and if they wanted to keep me as a customer they’d better come up with something better than charging me. Nothing would do so I stated I was cancelling my account to which I was told I’d be charged for the balance of my service contract no matter I’ll deny the charges on my CC as soon as they hit the account. I still have the faulty equipment and will be charged for it’s full value if I don’t pay $17.00 to have it shipped back. End result Yep! I’ll send the equipment back but I do intend to make my experience known in as many places on the internet as possible along with filing complaints with the BBB and the Consumer Protection Agency, I may go as far as filing a complaint with the Attorney General and the FCC……I work hard for my money and will not be pushed around by these large corporations who think they can do no wrong.

  15. Anonymous

    Thomas Bell, I received the same e-mail address (http://[email protected]) yesterday when I asked for a connection to their corporate division. I had sent a complaint a week earlier and still had not received a response. A nationwide outage occurred last night and when I called to report the outage (which I was originally told I was the only one reporting an outage, but later they admitted it was nationwide) I was told at least 8 days before they could come check out what caused the problem. I then asked for a connection with Dish’s corporate office and they gave me that same feedback link. When I confronted the guy (supposedly the “supervisor”) about a corporate e-mail address starting with the word “feedback” not syncing with the corporate office, he repeatedly told me that’s the only connection he had to their corporate offices. As customers, we need to get together and drop Dish Network in large groups. We need to discourage everyone we can from buying into this corrupt corporation.

  16. Anonymous

    I have spent almost an hour yesterday and today on the phone trying to get all of the information I need to return my Dish equipment. I keep getting incorrect and/or incomplete information and the the latest rep told me they won’t accept the equipment because it is too late but they charged my account for it anyway. I have verificatin from Dish that at least one piece of it is NOT obsolete but can’t get a correct, complete list of what I need to return. I also can’t get in writing that they waived the return of the device on the dish mounted on my roof because I can’t reach it. Even though one rep told me they waived it and that she would email me the confirmation. her email arrived without the complete list and without the confirmation. When I called again, the “supervisor” named David was rude and refused to provide any corporate contact info to help resolving this situation. My next steps are to call the Corporate number provided by one of the other recent commenters and to file a complaint with the BBB and with the both the Arizona Attorney General’s Office (fraud) and the Arizona Corporation Commission telecommunications/utilities regulation) if there is not a prompt and acceptable resolution.

  17. Anonymous

    I have a REAL phone number for DISH executive offices, and just got great service. It’s the Executive Resolution Office out of Denver, CO, the guy’s name is Carlos Lozano, and his number is 303-942-8600, ext 71439. Good luck too everyone out there.

  18. Anonymous

    I to signed up for dish with a offer I recieved in the mail. It included free instalation for up to four rooms. This was done with a local dish installer. After the insallation was partially completed the installer said he had to leave as a major snow storm was forcasted for our area and he was leaving town for the week end. He asked if it was ok if he completed the install when he got back in town. He asked that we sign the install papers so that he could show the boss that he had been here and if we didn’t sign up for the two years on the contract the instalation would cost $95.00 which would require a check to be written. I asked him to put in writing that he would be back within a week to complete the install. He said that he could not do this because he did not know what the weather would be like. We decided to take him at his word that he would return as soon as possibe being he worked for a local business and felt purty safe about trusting him. To make a long story short he never did return to finish the instalation. We went 18 months without service in the second room. Two rooms were all we wanted set up. I paid for the first year in advance with the first billing we recieved times twelve for the year. Later we recieved a call to answer a survey about how we like dish tv. We proceeded to tell just what we thought about there over all service. It was a couple of days later they sent a new installer to complete the second room install. The second year we had billing promblems about every month. They tried to bill us four differant times for movie downloads that we never made and would offer credit on the next billing. They said that they must be picking up our neighbors signal and that is why it showed up on our bill. BS. I thing that the CSRs must have all been in India as they were all hard to talk to and get them to understand the problems. They increased the billing charges at differant times and tried to charge for stuff we never contracted for. We dropped there service on the two year termination date and went back to antenna and watch most shows we wanted on the local tv websites when we desire to do so. The hard drive burned out after 20 months with no service credited for down time waiting for a new one. You cannot return the reciever to the local service after you have it for six months and have to mail it to them at your exspence. I suggust that every one having problems like all of the above people just start fileing complaints with the FTC and your states attorney general consumers div. so they get swamped with all kinds of forms to fill out and then they may get there act together. GOOD LUCK to all you future customers if you sign up.

  19. Anonymous

    @Rick Bowerman – It does definitely sound like a frustrating situation. I would have to look at the account to get more information on the receiver.

    Since we bill a month in advance, you may have seen a charge for the premiums appear on your bill. Once you change any programming a prorated charge or credit is applied to the account. I can definitely confirm more information on this for you.

    This will be account sensitive information we discuss. Can you send me an email with the account or phone # to [email protected] please?

    Tommy Faust
    DISH Social Media Representative

  20. Anonymous

    After talking to customer service on 2/17/12, this email will explain what transpired on our end.

    We was having problems with loosing contact with the satellite, quite a few times. So dish sent a new black box and we shipped the old box back, this was the end of January. We received an email stating that at you had received the black box.

    Then on 2/17/12, we received an email stating we owed $127.25. WHY? Seems your computer system has a way of recording telephone inquires so you know what kind of customer problems your customers are having.

    We have a shipping label coming to us to send the Tailgator back to you and this will be fixed and sent back to us. Hopefully you can find this conversation so we are not charged for this, as it is under a year old.

    There was a conversation that were being charged for cinamax, showtime, and starz. We was given these free for 30 days and we had to call and cancel by 2/5/12. we received an email dated 2/4/12 stating we had canceled these programs.

    So we are disputing the charge of the non-receipt on your end for the black box. Some checking in your returned merchandise department needs to be checked more thoroughly.

    We have really appreciated the service for our problems in the past and returned phone calls back helping solve our problems.

  21. Anonymous

    Hi Thomas Bell,

    I understand how frustrating it can be and would be happy to provide more information for you.

    We offer the Protection Plan warranty service free for the first 6 months of service. On the second page of the contract is a box that says “The Protection Plan” and advises it’s an optional $6 price but is a free trial for 6 months if the box is signed.

    As you are currently being charged you can definitely call in and remove the plan, or go online and remove it. If you would like I can also assist you with getting it removed. If you have any questions you can reach me here, or if you would like me to look at your account you can email me directly at [email protected]

    Tommy Faust
    DISH Internet Response Team

  22. Anonymous

    Just a little reminder for those who signed up for the free rest of the year viewing on the Cinemax channels. If you do not call and cancel this services by January 1st, you will be billed 34.99 per month.

  23. Anonymous

    83.We have sent two e-mails re our bill which went up…We were told that our monthly bill for the first year would be $48.65…Two months ago, they started charging for the protection plan…The first Customer Service agent said that it is in the contract that we signed..We read it over thorougly, and it is not..The 2nd customer service agent said that this was verbally explained to us..This is not correct either…I have not received one answer back from the link they gave me to complain which was http://[email protected]

  24. Anonymous

    We have sent two e-mails re our bill which went up…We were told that our monthly bill for the first year would be $48.65…Two months ago, they started charging for the protection plan…The first Customer Service agent said that it is in the contract that we signed..We read it over thorougly, and it is not..The 2nd customer service agent said that this was verbally explained to us..This is not correct either…I have not received one answer back from the link they gave me to complain….Thomas and Rebecca Bell….

  25. Anonymous

    @andre and mikey g – It can get frustrating when you see a cancellation fee but never received a contract. I hope this has been resolved by now, but if not I would be happy to review everything and get more information for you. Feel free to email me at the email address at the bottom.

    @Sunshine – I’m sorry if you got any conflicting information regarding your bill. I would need to view the account to see what charges are in question, if I could get an email with more information I will look it over with you. My email is on the bottom of this message.

    @D – Hey D, I know how it can get when it comes to getting equipment fixed. All of our technicians have a 60 day warranty in which they will go back out at no charge. After the 60 days our normal cost for a technician visit if $95, but with the Protection Plan it is discounted to $15. I can definitely check that out if I could get the account or phone # emailed to me. You can find it on the bottom of this post.

    Autopay is required for our HD Free For Life promotion which does save your $10. While there are no discounts tied to the Autopay, there are promotions that can be added if your account has Autopay and Paperless Billing. While a cancellation fee does apply to a contract; I would like to review all of this and do what I can to help correct this.

    @David – I apologize for any frustrations experienced. We no longer bundle new accounts with AT&T though existing accounts are still honored. We do offer a Triple Play Bundle; though it is only available in select areas. This link will let you search based on your Zip code for internet and phone available in your area.

    If you wish to cancel you definitely have that option, but I would like a chance to review everything if you are still experiencing troubles with this or answer any questions you may have.

    If anyone responded to or not responded to needs to reach me, you can send me an email at [email protected] if it concerns the account. General questions can be posted here and I will be sure to look into them!

    Tommy Faust
    DISH Network Executive Offices

  26. Anonymous

    I am a brand new customer to Dish Network and withing 4 days I wish I never signed up. I spoke to a Dish sales rep and said I wanted cable, internet and phone bundled together, as Direct TV won’t. He said it wasn’t a problem and answered some detailed questions I asked about the phone line. Cable service was setup by Dish and was receiving emails from AT&T. I called Dish Network back and they said I only signed up for the Dish and not for phone or internet. Lucy from Dish customer service said I misunderstood what I got. No I didn’t, because I never would have signed up if I couldn’t bundle everything together. Dish now says that they can’t bundle and haven’t dealt with AT&T for three years, yet someone there signed me up for service with AT&T with prices that don’t match what I signed up for. Lucy hung up on me after 51 minutes.

    Since I am still very new, I was thinking about calling the credit card company and telling them that these are fraudulent charges and telling dish to come pick up their equiptment. I’m not paying $400 + in cancelation fees when I am not getting what I ordered. They are right, there is a contract and they are not holding up their end.

    I will be writting to every state and federal organization that I can find, because this is crazy and their customer service is horrible!!

  27. Anonymous

    So I signed for DISH 6 months ago–I got the $50 install bill despite free install and setup advertising—never got it back–I also got wrong dish, wrong receiver TWICE-after 2 weeks with only partial HD-yet another receiver-and then-ANOTHER DISH–still had problem–to make it short-2 weeks ago I began getting NO service notices which would effect different channels at random–I called and despite having the pink agreement in my hand stating Free tech repair visits for first 6 months and $6 per month there after–the Chat folks insisted it was going to cost me $95 to have someone fix things–well after 2 weeks of nothing my received failed totally last night and even emitted smoke–Today I got all the way to an executive supervisor-who basically told me it would cost $95–after much time and many details pointed out-it wasnt going to good, but I was told they could sign me up for repairs service and cost $15 to send someone out–I said NO-you are not honoring your contract–after another round of crap-I asked about paperless billing discount-I was told there is no discount for paperless billing, BUT if I did not want to continue paperless billing I would be charged $5 extra for the second receiver and would loose my HD for life unless I paid $ 10 extra a month–So I told them to shove it all-I was then told how i would have to pay like $379 for early termination–this is the status of big business in America today-LIE LIE LIE-get them to sign and make sure the contract is filed with ambiguity and enough small print and sub contracts to choke a horse-and dont forget the no escape clause. Seems like Congress signed a huge bill they didnt read–I read it before I signed it-but to me DISH failed to keep their end of the contract-I aint gonna pay them a dime. So to top this off-I got an email from DirecTV informing me of my new DirecTV install–except its not me, not my name and I dont live within 1000 miles of Dallas, Tx

  28. Anonymous

    After complaining, a supervisor told me he would show my balance as zero, but as of today I get a bill for the full amount, only to be told by another supervisor that my credit was reversed because the previous supervisor wasn’t authorized to do so….. Too many Indians and not enough Chiefs.

  29. Anonymous

    I’ve been with Dish Network for several years now. Here’s how I am avoiding many of the problems I read about here.

    1. Document EVERYTHING. Every rep’s ID number, every date, every phone number you call and for how long, EVERYTHING. Be prepared to let a rep know you do this.

    2. Don’t waste yout time telling the rep about your personal problems with health or finances. To be fair, it’s NOT their problem and has no bearing on your account.

    3. Read your agreement fully and understand what you are getting into. If you sign up for a 1 year contract, then try to get out of the the deal early, you should EXPECT to have headaches. Even if you feel justified due to poor service, you are still involved in a contract dispute, and this is no easy path to walk.

    4. When you have a complaint, be prepared to tell Dish Network EXACTLY what you want. Don’t just whine and complain. A service rep’s job is to make problems go away. Help them by telling them what you want. This doesn’t mean you’ll get it, but it will speed up the process!

    5. This last thing works for me, but might not for others since it requires the financial ability to pay a lot of money up front. I pay for an entire year in advance. This way, there are no suprises in a monthly bill. And yes, every year I get a bill before it’s due for money I don’t owe, and have to deal with a customer service rep or two, then maybe even a supv. But eventually it gets resolved… EVERY YEAR. This practice saves me a great deal of money, and from what I’ve read on many sites, I have avoided the most common Dish Network complaint which is monthly increases. Well, second most common complaint. The most common seems to be people trying to get out of a contract early without paying the fee they in fact agreed to.

    Hope this helps.

  30. Anonymous

    well here we go too, we were for years a customer at dish and they were offering hd for free in our town. we called and asked if we could get this offer and were told for $200 we could even though everyone was offered for free to everyone. we decided to change our service after not being able to recive anything. after we had our new service installed we called dish to turn off their service and paid our account in full and part ways. the informed us that we were to return their equipment in the shipping boxes they will provide and thats that.well 3 weeks later and no shipping boxes we get a letter from dish saying there going to charge us for their equipment that we still had due to the fact there shipping box still hasnt arrived.a week later the box arrived and we were told for us to take it to ups and their wont be any charges to us. we did just that and and thought our dish nightmarer was over . well 2 weeks later we get a bill from dish charging us $15.90 for shipping of their equipment now im pissed. we called customer service and after an hour of bs and run arounds we were told this game was over. surprise surprise now they sent the bill they made to collections wow and it couldnt get any better…………… not. so again we call customer service and another hour we get the ” you were told of the charges” what a outright lie. now i find the corperate number here ty very much because the customer service never has a supervisor avaliable and wont give out anything to help. i called corperate “direct # marisela # 720-514-8555 ext#80531 ”
    and they now said we got some contract we supposedly signed saying we agreed to the charges………. wow id like to see that. i told her we never got said contract and if i did id like to see that. she said the charges were valid and wed have to pay the added charges…………… i dont think so i told her. in fact she said we signed it now im interested……… can this be if we never got one to begin with? i told her if she possesed anything with my signature id gladly pay the added charges so??????????????????? what do i do now????????
    rambeling andre

  31. Anonymous

    Contact the senior level DISH executives and let them know how you feel about their company for making their customers pawns in their battle with FX at the following direct line numbers.
    News reports say DISH may make $3billion in profits. They can afford to provide us FX and other quality programming!
    Call corporate headquarters at this number, 303, 723- 1000, hit 9, and then key in these direct line extensions to the execs at the prompt:
    Tom Cullen, Exec. VP Programming – 285536
    Erik Carlson, Exec. VP Operations – 2275766
    Stanton Dodge, Exec. VP – 36343
    Steven Wood, Exec VP – 9663783
    Roger Lynch, Exec VP – 59624
    Robert Olson, Exec VP – 65766

    Finally, check your DISH bill. There may be charges for things you don’t know about. Do you think they may have auto pay so you won’t look at your monthly bill? No, couldn’t be

  32. Anonymous

    I want to thank the person who got the REAL phone number for Dish Network Hdqtrs. I had an identity security issue to report. I talked directly with Security in the Executive Department. Here’s hoping they can fix the problem.

  33. Anonymous

    Ordered/moved service on 8/1/10, purchased Two (2) receivers (1) $150 & (2) $100 = $250, to add to my service, along with my DVR. Two weeks after service was installed, reception started going in and out and could not watch programming at all. I contacted Dish 8+ times over a period of two weeks to get help to fix problem. 8 different people were sent out, including supervisors, to try and correct the problem. No one has seen or knew what to do or how to correct the problem. They tried everything and were unable to restore my service properly. As a last resort, I was put on a different Satellite than the one I should be on, and then my local channel program guide would not display any information. I was told that because I was on a different satellite, I would not get my local channels and I had to use an over the air (OTA) antenna. Well this did not work and was not able to get the local channel guide information on the guide itself. Without this information, it is impossible to time shift record with your DVR. I tried to use and set up recordings with the manual record feature but it also would not work without local programming information. We watch and record most of our programming on the local channels. Once again this is not the way the system should be set up and once again my $100/mo service does not provide service. I called once again on 9/28/10 and was told that nothing else could be done, what do you want to do? I said well if you can not provide me with service, I wanted to cancel the service and I wanted the cancellation fee waived, I was told by Amanda, the CSR, that the fee will be waived, but I could NOT return the receivers I just purchased and could not get a decent signal to watch for the two months I had them, that I had to sell them on EBay or something AND that I would have to PAY the shipping charge to return the DVR they want back OR my Credit Card on file will be charged $400+ dollars.

    Is this how they service their customers? The inability of technicians and service people to fix or at least explain why they could not correct the problems with my service, none of which is my fault. A I was not able to watch programming for 22 days, out of the 60 days the service was on. I was still charged $139 for August service. This is unacceptable. As a technician, I think that most of the problems are with the equipment or software, and instead of the company telling you or fixing the problem, they let YOU, the customer, deal with it. And this is the case with both Satellite companies. And cable is NOT an option. But there is an answer that looks very promising, if avail in your area, and that is U-verse and FiOS.

  34. Anonymous

    I’ve been with Dish Network almost two years. my bill jumped $21.00 from last month, so I called and was told that I was getting a $15.00 credit but it was for only four months.That’s not true. My bill should be the same unless I am notified of a change.I told the employee QKL that I was never notified and my two years ends 10/31/10 so why would it change 7 weeks before I move. She said your rate is better than what others are paying,I told her it went up too much and to cancel it. Then I find out I had to unscrew something from the dish and pay $30.00 to send recevers and remotes back. When the ultility rates go up for electric,gas and oil you know.The customer sevice was not good at all. She could care less. When I call AT&T they listen and try to work things out. When I had comcast they also listen and try to work things out.The commercial pushes the amount of channels and monthly amount but they don’t care that you are a loyal customer and also pay your bill on time. I am very dissatified with Dish.

  35. Anonymous


  36. Anonymous

    How I wish that I had found these comments before I subscribed to this service 4 months ago. the only reason I got Dish Network is because our local cable company had raised their prices. Now I am willing to go back to them, but would have to pay for 20 months of not using dish’s services. this would amount to about $350.00 which I definitely cannot afford. The person who sold me this package told me that my bill would be about $120.00/month. Since that would have been a significant amount for me since my husband and I are retired and have a quite limited income, I was anxious to change. Now I am almost desparate to change back and cable has made several interesting offers. Of course they will try to sell me up to a more expensive service than they have offered. I will say however that they always provided good service and I never had a problem with losing the picture everytime a cloud came over my house. I am going to follow the advice given to contact their corporate office and go as high as I can. Will also contact the Attorney General also if I have too. they do very good work. I appreciate honesty in business dealings as well as in personal dealings and I don’t find it with Dish Network. Oh by the way, the last bill I received had a $315 credit on it with no explanation. I talked with Windstream and Dish and they said it would be corrected next month so I should pay anything. I am worried because I agreed to let them charge my checking account for the monthly bill. Any suggestions?

  37. Anonymous

    To Whom it may concern. I have cancelled the dish services because of my dish bills growing higher and higher. My spouse and I are living on a fixed income. That income is under 1,300.00 a mo. I called to stop the services 10 days ago. I was told that I was going to recieve three boxes to return the equipment, and if I don’t send the equipment back we will have to pay 200.00. Well, we are still waiting for the boxes. I need to know where, what your address is, and do I get my own boxes? Can you please help me with this matter. When I called for info at the number given the person I spoke with said your company has no manager and put us on hold for a good 15 mins., than hung up on us.

  38. Anonymous

    I wish that I had found this site before I signed up with Dish. I just got my services on this past Sunday June 20 2010. It should have been 24.99 plus free HD for life and 1 free DVR upgrade. On Monday June 21st I noticed that I did not have a DVR on the main TV and the installer did not hook up my 4th TV because he claimed that I would need to get another receiver box when I asked why I had to get another box, he just gave me a smart answer and said that if I wanted my TV to be hooked up then that was what I needed to do. I called dish to let them know about my concerns. What a joke!!!! The first rep told me that the DVR was not part of my plan and that they did not have any advertisement for the plan that I was referencing. As she was telling me this, the same commercial came on tv that I saw before I first called them. When I told her that it was on TV at that moment she told me that she could get me the DVR but it would require a 215.00 upgrade fee. I refused to pay for something that I should have gotten in the first place. When I asked why my 4th TV was not hooked up she told me that she did not know that it should have been hooked up. I asked to speak to a manager and she placed me on hold for 15 minutes. I hung up and called back and spoke to another rep and explained everything all over again. The second rep told me that same thing as the first rep. I told her that I wanted to cancel the services and she told me that I could not do it. I told her that according to the federal government I could. There was a law in effect called “Buyers Remorse” and i had up to 3 days to cancel any signed contract. She told me that the federal law does not apply to DISH because they had found a way to get around this law. I asked to speak to a manager and she put a supervisor on the phone. I once again asked to speak to a manager and the supervisor told me that there would be a 3 day wait for a return call. I told him fine that I would expect a call from a manager within the next 3 days. He asked me what was the problem and again I explained and asked that he take my number so that I could speak with a manager. We were then “accidentally” disconnected. I called back and spoke with yet another rep. Once again I explained the issues and asked to speak to a manager. This rep told me that they do not have managers and that I could only speak to a supervisor. When I told him that this was not what the prior supervisor told me, he told me that he could not help me and disconnected the call. I reported DISH to the BBB and I am still waiting to see what happens.

  39. Anonymous

    The 303 number no longer works. It goes straight to their customer service line. I had a dispute about service charge. I was told I would pay $15.00 to have a DVR installed. They then charged my account $95.00. A very rude supervisor then informed me it was because I did not have insurance. I told her that would have been a good thing to know when they sold me the system. The bottom line is she insisted the charge was valid and hung up. I finally got some good advice from the “loyalty” department. The gentleman told me he was leaving the company. He said the only way to fix the issue was too take the insurance plan at which time he would be able too refund the $80.00. He then said I could cancel the insurance at any time. I am filing a complaint for deceptive business practices with the Attorney Generals office. I never was able to find a corporate number.

  40. Anonymous

    I have been a customer of Dish for over 7 years and can not count all the times I have had trouble with them. Everything from billing to equipment etc. I will openly admit I am not the best bill payer and get behind on my bill once in a while – BUT – again, I have been a customer for 7 yrs which says I have evidently paid my bills for 7 yrs. Usually, I get the notice on the TV screen that the bill is due and that prompts me to pay it. Well, there was no notice that came over the screen and just today my channels were reduced. My husband called Dish to pay the bill and they informed him it had not been paid since March. My husband asked why we hadn’t received the notice on the screen and they said we should have. They claimed they had sent an email to notify of the bill at the end of May. Funny, we never received the email. The bill didn’t add up to me so I called to discuss it. The so-called “customer service” person I spoke with was rude, crude and hung up on me as soon as started to ask questions. This was repeated twice more. During a short period when I got a word in I mentioned that I no longer had a contract with Dish and before I could finish my sentence I was informed I did have a contract since I did an upgrade. I stated there was no upgrade and again was hung up on.

    I also am glad to have found this site. I will call this 303# and see what I get from them. I will contact the BBB and the AG and anyone else that will listen.

  41. Anonymous

    I wish I had found this site two years ago. I too basicly was lied to about price and service, and when the Tech installed the system and then presented the contract – different than I had agreed to – I refused to sign the contract. He called a corporate guy and was told, thats OK, he doesnt need to sign, we’ll bill like we agreed. So I didn’t sign the contract.
    Get the first bill, it is NOT – big surprise – what I was told. Called up, was told I was being billed in accordance with the contract; told them I never signed any contract; they said they had a contract on file with my signature on it!!! I asked for a copy and it was an obvious forgery. I provided them with several copies of my real signature, and they STILL insisted I was bound by the contract I never signed that someone had forged my signature onto.

    I then made what I think is called a business decision. Grit your teeth, do the best you can, and get out as soon as possible. Next surprize, I have to return the equipment at my expense. Boxed it and took it to UPS and the nice lady says “let me get you a receipt.” “Why?” says I. Because, she says, lots of people who send stuff back get notified later that Dish never got it and are charged full retail price for the old equipment which they already sent back. Keep your proof!!!

    Nobody in their right mind would do business with these guys. If they are the only TV you can get, sell your TV and get a library card. It just ain’t worth the screwing you get.

  42. Anonymous

    I am a employee with dishnetwork, I fill your pain for all the trouble you go through. I wish i could tell you all the trouble i been through.. tring to help cust like you all, but the handle time they put on the agents to handle your acct is unreal. I am not able to take the time for the cust. some cust cant even read and the one who have a lot of question have to be rush off the phone. I have been given a final written for my handle time. Long as i am their i will continue to give you the best care i can. Good cust service is important to me

  43. Anonymous

    OMG!!! I have been reading all the posted complaints about Dish Network and it actually sounds like the same darn issue I have been going thru. Beggining with the scam of hanging up the phone and then a tech coming to install what I thought I had ordered and the most horrible customer service with hard to understand people and the two year agreement scam, and many many more issues that ugly company has.
    I cannot believe i am still wasting my energy still talking about this nasty money hungry company that leave me more than disgusted about it. I am happy to say that i cancelled my service with “done network” yeterday. I know that I will still have to go through a few more calls with them to finalize penalty payment and final bill, but when I am finished with this nightmare I will celebrate. Never again will I even consider “Done Network” and i will give a nasty recomendation if I am ever asked for one. Good luck to you all and also to me since I am not completelly done with them. Blessings!!

  44. Anonymous


  45. Anonymous

    Dish packages; you pay out the tail for “quality programing” and get less than their premiun 200 chanels have the same showes BBc,SyFi all day the same thing,same reruns.And all the sports channels,to much ESPN is to much.The same with the food channels when is enough enough? And as far is billing we all know they say thet want to help but they only want our money. It is all about the money not customer service.

  46. Anonymous

    What a nightmare from day one of switching from direc tv to dishnetwork. I have a panasonic hd 50in. tv and I have waivy lines and fuzzy channels because of DISH NETWORK! After 4 techs and being no showed the last tech finally replaced the wires from the satellite to the house and it seems like the channels are a little bit better. And after a year worth of crappy dish service they could only offer a credit of $10 off monthly and maybe a few movie channels for free for a few months and I have to cancel after or they will charge me. Not knowing if my son has lemphoma or lukemia, Dish would rather give me HELL!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Anonymous

    EVERYONE and ANYONE who has been deceived or violated by DISH/ECHOSTAR should file complaints with The Better Business Bureau, The Federal Trade Comission, and Consumer Affairs. In addition there is a website operated by a law firm that is encouraging those like us to come forth so strengthen their class action lawsuit against DISH. Hopefull the multiple complaints will sound off an alarm and something will be done. DISH/ECHOSTAR being put out of business and forced to refund thousands of consumers would be an excellent solution!!

  48. Anonymous

    I see I’m not the only one dish network is screwing. They refuse to give me my credit that’s showen on my bill in writing and I’m tryen to pay my bill. They also put other plans that I never aproved nor asked for. I called there corporate office EchoStar 303-723-1000 and a supervisor, Adrain told me that I couldn’t speak to her supervisor. She couldn’t help me so I’ve yet to solve the problem. Dish Network are a bunch of CROOKS and have been doing this since 2004. The government should have stepped in a long time ago. That goes to show you that under cover money runnes everything. 6 years if everybody would drop dish network they would have no choice but to go out of buisness. The F.B.I and the I.R.S needs to audit the directors and dish network and they will see how much they have stolen. Dish network have been using Illegal Buisness Practices period. I’m in Texas here’s a couple of places you can call.
    Security and Exchange Commision (888-732-6585)
    Atorney Genaral and Federal Trade Commision.

  49. Anonymous

    I am Filing a complaint with the Attorney Generals Office of North Carolina Department of Justice . The Consumer Protection Division of the Attorney General`s Office Enforces North Carolina`s consumer Law,which are aimed at preventing unfair or deceptive trade practices. They use the Consumer Complaints that are filed to learn about such practices Such as Dish Network . So file a Complaint in your State It is your Right so use it. I live in N.C. God Bless….

  50. Anonymous

    Yesterday I recieved my bill from DISH network about the charges.I slepton it for the night to let it calm down but it still angers me slill when I think about the way I was treated by Dish employees.I first talked to a young man named Jason operrator number H5K after getting the run-a-round from him I asaked him to speek with the supervisor twice and bolth times my request was ignored he even went as far to talk trash about the conversation then he put me on hold then hung up on me .When I called back the second time I talked to a young lady named Lucy and after explaining everything to her I asked her for her supervisor she hung up on me as well.I finally talked to a supervisor named Neal and some head way was made. I still feel Dish should audit my account to see haw much I have overpiad.I have talked to friends and family across the United States and have reached the same conclussion,all of you and myself have had problems with Dish networks customer service and billing practices,Dish could give a dead rats behind about us the consumer all they want is the money.It is all about the dollar not us .

  51. Anonymous

    As a former employee of Dish, please allow me to offer my condolences. I used to handle all escalated customers who showed up in the lobby of our corporate offices and I can tell you that really, your best bet would have been to drive to Englewood. The “Executive Escalations” person you spoke with was a glorified CSR in yes, gasp, a call center. I am glad that your problem is fixed.
    Wow. For all you disgruntled Dish Network customers out there, it sounds like if your best course of action might by to hustle yourself out to Englewood, CO to lodge your complaint in person. Really nice. Although I can’t say that I’m surprised at this revelation. After all, we’ve been in Dish Network customer service hell for, hmmm…. Let’s see… June, July, August, September, part of October… Four and half months!

    Anyway, back to our own Dish Network problems… After having thought everything was settled on more than one occasion, only to have the rug yanked out from under us, I just logged into our account and saw that we’ve now received a credit for last month’s Dish Home Protection plan. Now I can only hope that this ends up being a recurring credit, like it’s supposed to be. The really frustrating thing is that I now have to keep track of this for the next year or so to make sure they don’t renege.

  52. Anonymous

    Pertaining to your paragraph # 40.
    Dish Network also took funds out of my bank account without my approval for 3 months.
    This is a major crime of fraud and records to prove this would win in a court of law.

  53. Anonymous

    Oh boy I am considering getting dish, but no offense you have to read the fine print which is what I did so I know about all of those fees and yes it is $5/xtra per month for the DVR, the installation is what is free. So in the future read your fine print. I do that on everything, I lost $200 like that one time, by not reading the fine print. It wasn’t with Dish though.

  54. Anonymous

    i signed up for dish yesterday and my flyer said 4 room free,free dvr,free install,when it was all said and done they tried to charge me an extra 5.00 a month for the dvr service. when i talked to Amanda a so called manager she said the service was free,then in the next breath said they were going to charge me 5.00 a month for the dvr service.i think this is a scam and i will contact the BBB on this matter.

  55. Anonymous

    what we should all do is to come togeather and ask the Attorney Generals Office ( Consumers Division ) to investigate and file a Class Action lawsuit against Dish for false advertising and breach of contract. And file the same Complaint against the sub contractor which are hundreds, and with hundreds of promo’s and all different it’s ALL Dish Networks Fault for allowing for so many different promo’s

  56. Anonymous

    I’m also just beginning to have a problem with Dish Network. I am recently new to Dish and just received my 6 month bill, when starting with Dish the selling me the “supposed” promotion going on in May that I was to get Classic Bronze 100 for 14.99 for 24 months by the gentleman that sold it to me. Back in May as soon as I received my first bill that seemed incorrect I called in and ask about my promo for 24 months and if 14.99 for 24 mos was correct the lady said yes that was correct. And over the the next 4 mos I spoke to other reps who can’t do anything. It seems the only way to prove the truth is a recorder as of 10/21. Now as of Oct I received my recent bill stating my promo is ending. And I am stuck wondering why! Everyone I spoke to has passed the phone to someone else and on to someone else. I got to Tim in the Executive office in Denver who claims that I never called in over the past 5mos at all to speak to someone in customer service! should I really expect anything different. My idea reading a lot of these comments is to get on my local news channel and complain something needs to be done Dish needs there dirty laundry aired, maybe a class action suit for a few million. They need to do a total revamp of everything customer service. I will be calling and recording again tomorrow.

  57. Anonymous

    Put in a complaint with the Better Business Business Bureau, you will be surprised how quickly Dish Network will get in contact with you and give you addresses and names to respond too. This is what I did and got satisfaction. It is really unprofessional how they pass you around from person to person.

  58. Anonymous

    I contacted customer service tonight to cancel my mothers subscription because she passed away yesterday. I explained the situation to the first rep and she said I would need to speak with a supervisor because I would need to provide P.O.A. paperwork. I said fine and was connected to a supervisor in the “loyalty” department by the name of Jesse. He asked me if I would like to transfer my mothers service to my home; I explained to him that I had my own service with another provider. He then asked me if I would consider it if he lowered the price. I told him I didn’t appreciate him trying to sell me my mom’s service the day after she passed and he said nastly “it was only two questions” and hung up on me. I called back and asked to speak with another supervisor or his supervisor. I was informed they had a chain of command and would have to connect me to another supervisor. I was connected to Stephanie and explained what had happened. She apologozied and said she would have to transfer me to the “executive” team. I was transferred to Michael and he said he would assist me with my request. He told me he would handle my mothers cancellation personally and would back date the cancellation after receiving my POA paperwork to today. When I asked him about the Jesse situation he was unaware of anything. So, I explained it again!!!! I informed me I thought it was TOTALLY inappropriate and unbusiness like to be trying to sell me my moms service and then to hang up on me. He said unfortunately there is nothing to be done becasue Jesse failed to make any notations on the computer (BIG SURPRISE) and I only have his name and not his employee number. I asked how hard could it be to locate a supervisor in the “loyalty” department with the name of Jesse??????? He said with a company the size of DISHNetwork it couldn’t be done?!?!?!?! I will be contacting the corporate office on Tuesday after I bury my mom on Monday. I can’t believe a supervisor of this company needs to solicatate business from a family member of a customer who passed away and who has service with another provider.

  59. Anonymous

    I have been a customer of Dishnet for over 1 year. I just had the most horrible experience today with their customer service department. I had made a payment arrangement with them and by my own error did not keep it. So, I called them back today to pay the additional month and become current with the next payment not due until next month. I spoke to someone from another country who refused to make the arrangement and demanded that I pay the next bill as well (her tone and inflection was extremely rude and offensive). I then asked ot speak to her supervisor. To make a long story short, she came back on the phone and pretended to be the supervisor. When I asked her for her code#, she then told me that she was the same person that I had spoken to and was going to get a supervisor for me. Then a man came on the phone (the accent sounded as if he were native to the Phillipines). He was not rude in his tone but was condescending by repeating what would need to be paid after accepting these past due payments. I spent about 45 or 50 minutes speaking to him before he accepted my offer of just paying for the two months today. (This is what I had asked originally). In total, I spent about an hour and a half on this phone call. I called back about two hours later to pay by phone and got another customer serivce rep who told me that the arrangement that I had made earlier was not acceptable and that I would also have to pay the new bill as well. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, he refused to allow that until I paid the past due and the new bill. When I kept asking to speak to the supervisor he kept speaking over me and stated that he could speak to me when I was ready to make the full payment and hung up. I called again and spoke to someone who stated that the system had been disabled to the point that no one could accept a payment less than the past due and the new bill. When I asked for the corporate office phone number I was told that I could only reach them by email and that there was no phone number to call them. (Of course, we know that this is a lie!) When I called the corporate office and explained my grievance, within five minutes, they took the past due payment over the phone and reconnected my service, and agreed that my next payment was to be received by 10/10/2009, as I had originally requested this morning. How difficult was that? I will be obtaining a new satellite service after 5/2010 (when my agreement ends).

  60. Anonymous

    Thank you so much for this website.
    I had Dish installed last Sept.
    The guy who installed my wiring inside my house basically destroyed my bedroom carpet, the thread got caught in the drill.
    I have been dealing with, unsuccessfully, the company for that installs the Dish for northern NY.
    I have sent them the pictures, estimate for a new carpet and the installers assessment of the damage repeatedly for almost a year. They wanted to just give me the money for the carpet and let me foot the bill for everything else.
    They have basically been ignoring my phone calls now.
    I called the 303 number and had a contact person in less the 10 mins. They are contacting the company themselves to find out what the problem is. The company that ruined my rug has 2 business day to let me know how they are planning to satisfy my claim.
    If I do not get any satisfaction I will go to small claims court.
    Rural areas are stuck with limited options but that does not mean we should settle for poor shoddy work that damages our homes.
    I just got a phone call from the company. They have “lost” all my info and need a copy of everything I have sent to them at least 5 times before. ( I take this to mean they were going to ignore this claim, if they didn’t have a copy of it on file).
    Just got another call, they will review with owner this evening and call me tomorrow.
    I have received more phone calls from them today then I have in a year.
    Will let you know what they have decided and what I will decide to do if they refuse to replace the rug.

  61. Anonymous

    Thank you so much for the information. It worked beautifully. I called Echo star basically said what you said , got put through to a man named Nathen. I explained the situation to him, long story short after about 10 minutes on the phone, he had reversed the charges, turned our service back on. He was so nice and very helpful. Thanks again for the insight.

  62. Anonymous

    I have had problems with Dish, too. It’s not the product that is bad but the so-called customer service, which is non-existent.

    I like the product itself and have been using dish for about 5 years. I wanted to move my service to my new house, which I have arranged. But I am in a rental and cannot leave the old equipment at the rental house. Dish absolutely refuses to move the equipment. They say that’s my problem, but I can call a “retailer” and pay him $90 to remove it!

    This is an outrage! This is the worst excuse for “customer service” I have ever come across–in a world of generally bad customer service. I spoke to a representative, a supervisor and the corporate office. Every one of them said they could do nothing about old equipment and that it was my problem.

    Each said they “cannot” remove the equipment–which, of course, means they choose not to and to hell with the customer. Perhaps being an evironmentally responsible company would cut into their profits too much, to say nothing of their responsibility to the customer.

    This is the way to run a company? They leave their equipment at every household where they have installed it and refuse to remove it! If nothing else, leaving their equipment creats a blot on the landscape and is environmentally irresponsible. And who is paying for this gross irresponsibility? The lowly customer, of course, who not only has to pay for it but cannot get a decent response to a request from the company.

    If I had known about this outrageous behavior I would never have done business with Dish in the first place. Dish has shown that they care nothing for the customer once the sale is made.

    For anyone who is interested, the CEO is Charles Ergen and the corporate address is Echo Star Satellite, PO Box 9040, Littleton, Colorado 80126. Everyone who wrote to this blog should fire off a letter to him about their lousy and irresponsible way of doing business.

  63. Anonymous

    Dish network charged my checking account $725.00 without my approval. I had the service for almost a year, and got behind on my bill and they had turned my service off. I had asked what I needed to do to have it restored and a representative just told me to pay my balance down and once the balance is paid in full, I could have it turned back on. At no time did they tell me I needed to return the equipment or I would be charged the $725 non-returned equipment fee. I called Dishnetwork and they stated that my contract stated if equipment is not returned they could automatically collect the funds from my account. I explained to them when I had spoke to a rep, they didn’t state anything to me about the fee and returning equipment when service is turned off. They said they would reverse the fee, but it would take 5-7 business days. Needless to say my account was overdrawn and they would not even send a fax to my bank stating the fees would be reversed in order for me not to get all the overdraft fees. They stated they did not send out letters or faxes. I would have to email the corporate office. They are not at all customer friendly and will rip-you-off if you let them. Beware of what is on your contract, read the fine print and remember to write down names and numbers. They don’t care what kind of grief they cause.

  64. Anonymous

    I just got off the phone with the corporate office to try to clarify an issue with the CSR who was trying to get me to sign a 2 year contract for Dish Tv. In his not to be understood Indian dialect, he told me I had to give him both my social security number, my credit card number, as well as the 3 digit security number in order to order TV service. I repeat, I was not hiring to be a part of the CIA or whatever, just TV. The lady from the corporate office, in very clear English language, made it very clear that they had to do a credit check on me before giving me the ability to watch the evening news. If I did not give them all the numbers, they would have to charge me $200 since they could not do their credit check. I asked her 5-6 more times to clarify what my social security number had to do with making an order. Same response—–They had to have it. I mentioned that I had never had anyone else, ever, in all my 60 years, require the SS number to make an order. She said, “Every company has their own policies, and that is ours.” I will definitely be getting the word out to any and all who will hear to beware of this company. Two of my children have recently signed up, and I hope they don’t get messed up in the process.

  65. Anonymous

    I have been a cust. of dish for many years. I left dish because of it’s upgrade status. Paying more money to upgrade then anyone that is signing up as a new cust. is paying for the same equipment. When I left they called me all the time with a wish you’d come back deals. After moving to a more rural area I again went with dish network. I was under a 2 year contract with them, After the contract was completed. I canceled the 2nd box and took off the insurance on the equipment that I was told was mine. They continued to bill me $5 a month for a box that had no phone line hooked to it. I called they said sorry and credited my acct. They told me that I did not have to return the box. I asked if they were sure and if this was going to come back to haunt me at a later date. (This all started over a year ago remember) They said absolutely not. This was done with and they were not sending a box. This was done though a cust. resolution team and they had to call me back with in 3 days or 72 hours . Imagine my relief when they called and sided with me and that it was finally over with. All the wasted hours on the phone being hung up on and tossed to one dept. then another it was not in vain. Well that lasted over 6 months. Then I noticed a $5 a month phone charge for no phone line hooked up to the box. I assumed that it was for the only box I had left and it did have a phone line hooked to it . This is how they charge me every month for pay preview. Threw my phone line. they said it was my main box. I reassured them that it was indeed hooked in for reason mentioned and they looked up my history and notes and said it was for the other box not returned. they reactivated it on their own in Dec. That still doesn’t explain why they have charged me that fee for longer then dec. or who gave them permission to do that. I finally said I had enough. Give me the credit I will send back your box . I will be looking for a new way to have cable or direct TV. I just referred a friend and we will no longer be using dish network. Looks like they got what they wanted another unsatisfied cust. who will be putting the word out about them. For every one that quits three more sign up, Well not for long. Consumers might be slow but were not stupid!!
    Best of Luck Dish Network
    C. Colson

  66. Anonymous

    Thanks for the phone number, however, I AM going to take them to small claims court for harrassment, etc.
    But, in order to do that, I have to have a physical address to have the papers served. Can anyone out there give me their physical address so I can have them served? THANKS!

  67. Anonymous


    Ref; acct. #8255 90 934 7022292

    To whom it concerns, Dish TV

    I consider your continual contact as deliberate harassment. As a professional working in the legal sector I’m aware of my legal rights.
    The first right is to redress your company for my time, and mental duress.
    You continued interruption of my TV service with a screen blocker stating that if I did not install a smart card my service would be interrupted. My wife is bed ridden and her primary source of entertainment is TV. Your interruptions gave her reason to believe I had not paid the bill. She did not need added stress to her life.
    I also know that changing the smart cards had nothing to do with my security; the card was for your company’s security. This issue alone is enough to want to see you in court.
    Finally the cards came in the mail and I paid $65.00 to have them installed. I do well with legal books, but not with your so -called simple instructions.
    Every time I attempted phone communication your personal seemed to stupid to understand my request, finally I informed you that I am no longer connected to your system. The disconnect was done by your authorized installer in Hendersonville, N.C., Stan’s Electronics. This is the same company that originally installed the service. I have also personally informed you of the disconnection by email which you acknowledged in writing. I also sent a postal letter confirming the disconnection.
    Stan’s Electronics did not take your equipment and said if Dish wanted it they would make arrangements to get it. You made no attempt to retreve the equipment so I returned it to Stan’s. Finely after several months I received a prepaid box to return the equipment. I retreved it and sent it.
    Hopefully the reader of this letter has more rational sense than those that I made verbal contact with and the others that responded to my emails. Sense enough to see that I’m finished making contact with you because it is fruitless that is why I discontinued doing bussiness with you. Please be advised if you continue harassing me that I’m going to have a small claims judge explain my position and expect restitution for my time and aggravation.
    I repeat, my last date of service was 1/20/09 and you were advised at the time. The disconnect was done by your authorized service company, Stan’s Electronics, Hendersonville, NC. You gave confirmation to this fact via email. Please try to comprehend this.
    Or could this be a scam of deliberate harassment used on all dissatisfied customers to see who is fool enough to pay for non-service.
    The more I think about this maybe we should settle this in small claims court.

    Very Sincerely,

    Bob Collins

  68. Anonymous

    Hope this site does me some good! I’ve been fighting with dish network since oct last year over a transfer from one location tto another.

  69. Anonymous

    I am a senior, widowed, low income and signed up with Dish, thinking I was saving some money. HA!! Paying $300.00 later for having to cancel early because the Dish network could not fix the problem of their remote not working with my new HD TV. I guess they wanted me to to wait 2 years with out using the TV. As soon as I upgraded to HD, the remote wouldn’t work. And NO ONE at Dish new what the problem was. Now they are going to charge me for early termination. I guess my work has just started with this issue!!! DISH NETWORK STINKS!!!

  70. Anonymous

    They told me that I would getamonths free service. However they did not tellme the first ,onth was a two month bill.

    They sent a payment through without prior notice which threw my account off.

    Then when I tried to talk with them. The supervisor on the phone treated me like I was thrash.

    Thank you for the number

  71. Anonymous

    I’ve been on and off the phone with Dish Network from 330 til 830. They disconnected my service because my bill was past due. And then they claimed they couldn’t restore my service until I paid a bill that wasn’t even due yet! I’ve been thier customer for fours years. Usually your bill has to be past due 55 days before they interrupt service, my bill wasn’t even past due a month! I agreed to pay the past due amount, but I told them I’m not paying a bill that’s not even due yet. Anyway, this went back and forth until I told them to transfer me to the department where I can just close the account. The operator flat out told me no. He wouldn’t transfer me and he wouldn’t let me speak to his supervisor! I asked him if he was serious. I just hang up on him and called back. I again asked to be transferred to the department that will close this account. They transferred me. The woman in the “loyalty,” department takes my partial payment and restores my service. An hour and a half goes by, and they shut my service off again. I call back and ask for the “loyalty” department and the woman there again restores my service! Another hour and a half goes by, and my service is again disconnected! Long story short, I called back demanding they close my account, I get transferred all around. I had to give my information to three different people. Some guy in the good ol “loyalty” department. Says he’ll credited me $10 a month for 12 months if I just pay that remaining balance of $61 to restore my service and not close my account. I agreed, but I told him, how do I know he’s not giving me some bogus run around. He gave me his information, but who knows! I’m shopping around for another cable company, they suck as of late!

  72. Anonymous

    DISH Network without a doubt is one of the worse customer relations nightmare in the USA. I was told “the customer has the obligation and responsibility to communicate with DISH Network; however, DISH Network is not obligated and has no responsibility to communicate with the customer.” DISH was charging us for a service at our primary home, which we were not receiving; however, I didn’t catch it right away since we did use DISH at a vacation home. In essence we were doubled billed but only received DISH service at one location. We finally got them to agree to refund some of our money; however, this never occurred. When I called back to find out way we didn’t receive the credit as promised, the operator told me that another department rejected the agreement made by the supervisor. When asked why we weren’t advised of this fact, I was told that they had no obligation or responsibility to communicate with the customer. That about sums up their corporate philosophy.

  73. Anonymous

    Fat Lard? Why anyone would refer to themselves as a Fat Lard i’m not sure, but either way when you have nothing better to do than to post a response about an issue that obviously has nothing to do with an experience that you have had, i can see why you would call yourself that. How about instead of lecturing the people that make it possible for persons to become “fat lards” maybe you should focus your attention on the “fat lard companies” that dont adequately equip their CSR’s with the tools to help their clients? Dish Network didnt tell you to say that did they? When a CSR has the ability and means to fix a situation then there aer not blogs such as this one. To assume that the people on this site are “anal” or “curse and yell” or just plain dont have the ability to “tell the whole view” means that you yourself are an idiot. If you are unfamiliar with the meaning behind “idiot” then you should look it up. Idiot means a person lacking the skill or expertise to complete a task or in this case a job. The “whole picture” as you put it, is as easy as calling and saying, my cable is out whats wrong? or, My bill is incorrect i was told it would be fixed, why is it not fixed? When anyone has to repeat themselves multiple times, explain things to 4, 5, 6, and 7 people in the duration of one phone call then ‘yes’, they get angry. How bout you write a letter to your bosses at Dish Network and explain that simple process to them because thet, like you, are obviously idiots to this matter. Oh, and some of us expect quality customer servive when we either work in customer service or have worked in customer service and understand the job. If persons are truely paid to help customers then they should be trained and able to handle their emotions when an angry client whose cable (that they still have to pay for) DOES NOT WORK!! The customer service reps that work for me are trained to handle their emotions and “FIX” problems, not put them off.

  74. Anonymous

    I totally understand where you guys are coming from but don’t be anal. It’s very bad to be that way or you’re going to be that a hole on the phone. Put yourself in their shoes when they’re answering your complaint. But whatever works in getting things resolved through corporate is cool in my book as long as you remain calm and collective and be reasonable. If you start cursing and yelling then they will hang up on you. I’ve worked in customer service call center before and when a customer just curse and yells then I warn them and hang up. You have to remain respectful at times to the CSR agent and understand their job. If they’re not doing their job right then yes, you have every right to be mad but do it at a level of an adult. You guys probably got hanged up on by cursing and screaming at them because you guys are not telling the whole view but only your point of view. That’s not cool. Just remain calm and play it smart and call corporate and you’re good to go if things don’t get resolve at the lower end.

  75. Anonymous

    I am happy to come across this site in my search for help with my dishnet bill. I am completely floored by the inadequate customer service at the reg csr number. I will try to get a solution with the corp number provided here…

    My eq all works fine…my issue is with a sudden change in billing. Originally. I was told “we need a credit card to establish service” I told the rep I dont keep a cc. She told me to borrow one and that it would never be billed other than 1 dollar . OK….I did it, a friend listened in on my call and I used her cc. I immediately set up auto payments using my visa bank card after that. I then was told they billed the friends card…this is all 6 months ago. I made a manual payment and asked them to credit her acct back immediately…should have been easy enough…wrong. they credited back my acct–I never opened a bill due to the auto payment and alerts sent to be via email…no reason to look. 4 days ago there is a message on my screen to call dishnet to make payment…which floored me I am auto payed…I have spent hours on the phone and they refuse to reset me to auto pay, charged me late fees (since they took that off aparently in Feb) and will only take a check from me!! I was hung up on…talked down to by spvsers..they are truly crappy csr’s…what happened to the customer always comes first??? I know they can see what happened on acct notes yet they do nothing….hope this number gets this straightened out and the credits for the late fees and as soon as my contract is up, I am just going to have to do something different… is worse.

  76. Anonymous

    I have been reading all of these complaints with Dish Network and unfortunately i have to agree with most of the remarks that the customer service, well, sucks! I live in Houston, Tx and back in September we had a hurricane come through. My service has not been right since. My HD does not upconvert as it is suppossed to and the second room that the box controls appears to be haunted by a ghost. The box changes chanels, erases DVR shows while you’re watching em, rewinds, fast forwards and anything else you can think of! I originally called back in September to inform them of the issue and was told that they were receiving a high number of service calls to please call back as my issues weren’t a “priority”. They sure sent me a bill for the month even though i wasn’t a “priority” and dont have any HD channels that i was billed for. All that i ever asked of them to do was to send me a new box as on more than 1 occassion their own ‘Techs’ came to the conclusion it was bad. When they scheduled a time for the repair person to come out they dont show and i had to go through all of the same B.S. again with some new script reader. I work in sales and customer service and one of the most important things for a company to do is to take NOTES so clients dont have to repeat everything a hundred times. They never have called me back when i have left multiple messages on voice mail and have even been sending a daily recurring email to the ‘[email protected]’ I decided to stop paying the bill a few months ago and boy oh boy do they ever call. I sent a total of 11 emails and made over 20 calls between September and now with no response but dont pay the bill for 2 months and they call about 3 times a day. I am going to do the tedious task of contacting the BBB, all the local news groups here and in CO, and i’m going to try to contact the corporate number again too. My attorney is looking into the legal issues and if he finds anything good i will send a note out.

  77. Anonymous

    We called DISH Network to arrange for the cancellation of our service a few weeks prior to our appointment for Direct TV to come over and install their equipment (due to the fact that DISH Network’s bill amounts changed each and every month even though our usage never changed!)… that was a continuous bone of contention which finally forced us to look elsewhere for satelite TV. In any case… they disconnected the service the same day I called, even though I told them that we were paid up until the 25th and that we didn’t want the service disconnected until the day before our DIRECT TV service was to be installed which was scheduled for the 25th also. After a few phone calls, our service was restored. However, we continued to receive bills for monthly service and, now, we’ve been sent to collections and we get at least 3-5 phone calls from the collections people every day! I want to sue them for harrassment but they won’t give me a PHYSICAL address, which is necessary to have the legal documents served. Does ANYONE out there know what the physical address of their corporate offices (and where their legal people reside)? I sure would appreciate it! They call at virtually all times of the day and have ruined my credit!

  78. Anonymous

    I had a problem with a new HD DVR receiver. It went out at 4:00 pm before the SuperBowl. We had freinds over for Dinner to watch the game and had to pack up the food and go to their house to watch the game.

    I called customer service and got nowhere.Finally given a person at Corporate Headquarters.Call Ivan at headqurters and got his answering machine. His message said he was unavailable but would get back to me in 48 to 72 hours.After 3 more calls I’m still waiting a week later.

    Dish Network is a joke !!!!

  79. Anonymous

    WOW, I guess I am not the only one who takes it personal when their intelligence has been insulted. This is just a little bit of advice for the them top shelf potted plants who could not run around a phone booth and have proven that they are not able to manage a huge corporation.

    DISH, YOU ARE A GOOD AS YOUR HELP, AND THEY JUST SUCK and that is a DIRECT reflection on you.


  80. Anonymous

    I guess the saga with Dish Network goes on…after reading each of your comments I can “ditto” each one of you. Today I finally got to speak to customer service at Dish executive office, after being hung up on a number of times by reps at the customer service office listed on the web site. The customer service rep at their executive office did not hang up on me, she chose to “mute” the phone whenever I started speaking. She told me she was not going to help me if I continued to talk. Please someone tell me what has happened to customer service? These people are blatantly rude and unprofessional. Thank God for the phone number posted for the executive office…after calling the number I finally spoke to someone who made sense and did assist me in canceling my service. I will tell the universe, please avoid any dealings with Dish Network Service! They are not worth the stress.

  81. Anonymous





  82. Anonymous

    By the way, this has been going on since early
    November of 2008, and the person I spoke with today just hung up on me….if it’s not on the script, it can’t be answered or addressed…~!

  83. Anonymous

    Concerning Dish Network, I have experienced being hung up on several times due to questions and answers that customer service does not have in their script…I have been on the phone as long as 3 hrs being transferred from one inept agent to another who “would be able to help me”….to and from 6 different mental midgets…well, I guess I’m the mental midget for staying on the phone. I’m not done. My situation is pretty much an original, but tomorrow I will try that number. Just today I asked someone whose English seemed to be limited to the words on her script for a corporate # or even a corporate address, but the person with the accent just kept to the script to whatever I asked. I was glad to find this site, to know it’s not just me. Thanks for the opportunity to vent.

  84. Anonymous

    This number was my 10 minute help.

    In short, I didn’t have service for a month after moving and the 888 got me nowhere, even after speaking with three supervisors telling me I had to pay the monthly fee until I disconnected service whether I had it or not, and that I could go ahead and disconnect that they didn’t care. (I also bought a $600 DVR receiver up front from them, they were still rude about giving me my $65 for the month I didn’t even have a satellite!)

    The receptionist transferred me to the “Executive Office” after telling her what happened, the executive looked up my account and credited me back to when I called them to tell them I was moving, without hesitation. He also gave me a credit for HBO & starz for the past three months, which I didn’t even ask for. I didn’t even have to threaten switching to DirectTV or to file a complaint with the BBB.

    Bottom line, if customer service treats you like garbage, call this number and tell them everything right away. They will take care of it.

  85. Anonymous

    Seriously…I can’t stand dish any longer. Their customer service reps are rude & worthless. They have called me over & over asking me if I want to join dish network over 6 times in one day, and past 9pm. I am having a lawyer look over the case. The BBB has been notified, and the Corporate office didn’t care what I had to say but that they wished me luck in suing them That was Bill Clark from the CO of Dish…just FYI in case you ever have to deal with him. I hate Dish. Avoid them at all cost!!!

  86. Anonymous


  87. Anonymous

    dishnetwork charged me $ 370 dollars for 3 month of service even after i disconncted service from they are force me to keep the new service from them or pay 370 dollars for 3 month for nothing.i do not have service since i moved.Is anyone out there in entire usa to nail this company.i have all the proof that i moved and i called and cancell phone number is 8133210562

  88. Anonymous

    Thank you for posting the number to EchoStar Corporate Offices. We have been having issues as well. From free entertainment unitsthat never arrived as promised; service calls that were not supposed to be charged that were in fact charged; to billing issues. I called echostar and they reimbursed the service fee and gave us an extension as promised. As far as the entertainment unit, they gave us an email [email protected] and told me that they would fight for us. Long Story short, I can’t leave because they will charge me an early termination fee of $146.00, but I should have gone with cable.. UGHHH!

  89. Anonymous

    I am beyond furious with Dish Network !! They have missed 7 appointments to install Wild Blue. It has shut down my business. I work 40 miles from home and have to commute each way every time they do that. I paid $250 up front to get it done. Now it has cost me almost $1000 from lost work, meeting people who never show up. More than 30 phone calls later they just keep rescheduling me for another week out.
    Quit outsourcing to incompetent resellers and people in India who do not speak English worth a damn !!!

  90. Anonymous

    how does Dish profess to have great customer service?! We signed up 5 mos. ago and have had nothing but problems! Our Hd DVR constently shuts down. I’ve called the local retailer so many times, he won’t even return my calls. And let’s not even get into the fact that customer service is out-sourced to india and the phillipines! I plan on calling Corp. tomorrow, they better clear this up!!!!!! And I’m pretty sure I’ll be filing with the BBB about the local retailer, too!!

  91. Anonymous



  92. Anonymous

    this really helped. dish has horrible customer service. At this number they are awesome. 3 hours on the 800 number. 5 mins on this number and the missing credit I was promised and never received

  93. Anonymous

    I have had an experience as well w/ Dish Network. I had an equiptment issue w/ the switch on the dish on 6/6/07. They had a tech come replace the switch on 6/8/07. Today 6/14, the switch went bad again…6 DAYS LATER! I called and explained my issue and was told they couldn’t have someone out until 6/14! This was unacceptable. They should make arrangments to have someone out within 2 days on a repeat issue. After 7 phone calls to tech support, sales and 2 supervisors i had gotten no where. Finally i called the corporate office in CO and spoke with the escalated case rep. I may actually be getting something done now. I will receive a credit for the lost service, will not be charged for the service visit and he contacted the dispatch office to expedite the visit. It may not be any better than the 14th, but i got more attention and didn’t recieve the “book read” answers i had been getting from the call centers. My experience w/ Direct TV was MUCH MUCH worse, so the lesser of two evils is Dish. We’ll see how it goes

  94. Anonymous

    I am not sure if I became smarter or not but boy Oh boy I have had nothing but a never ending nightmare with dish network. Dealing with people on a day to day I have never encounter anything like the service. There is none! They lie and they are incapable of doing the job.The tech assistants barelly speak inglish and to make matters worst they read from a script as they try to trouble shout you.
    Dish Netwwork charges a pretty fee and delivers nothing in return.
    My nightmare began on August the 3/07 and continues. I also have a contract with them unfortunatly. They have destroy my roof, I loose my signals everyday, I am on the phone with them on an average of 3 times a week for a minimum of 4 hrs only to be left without service. I have missed so much work that it is pittyfull and no one cares. They are incompetent and lieyers.They place me on hold and the next thing I know they hung up on me. I will be moving soon and I am just beginning my fight with them.;
    I am not certain what I am going to do but I am going on a campain to let everyone know not to subscribe to Dish Network or Echo Star the mother company.We have the means since we are very much involved in our comunity.
    I will keep you informed of the progress. My fight has just began!

  95. Anonymous

    I agree – I’ve had terrible service with Dish Network. I just can’t afford to switch. When I first subscribed, I had to take 5 days off work in a row to wait for the installer to arrive (he wouldn’t show up, I’d call and ask where he was, no one would know, etc) – if I wasn’t living in a small, remote area at the time and had other options, I would have never subscribed.

    When I moved to a larger city, I was still bound by Dish Network’s contract. So I kept the service rather than pay the fees for switching to cable. This was clearly a bad decision on my part. Within a year of moving in, I lost my satelite connection due to bad weather. When I called to get a repair person to come, it took them a month to send someone. Since I didn’t have satelite service (or any television at all) for a month, I naturally assumed that I wouldn’t be billed for that month. I have the full-service package, too (including movie channels) so this is no small fee on my part.

    My mistake. I was billed for the entire month.

    Has anyone but me noticed that they don’t have a complaints department?

  96. Anonymous

    I just ordered cable for the first time in December of 06 and I signed up over the internet to receive a special deal they had going on. Turns out I never got the special price I was supposed to get. They charged me full price never sent out my free monitor screen. I argued on the phone with the customer service who kept telling me to fill out the rebate form for the $10.00 off a month for ten months I then said thats fine but that is not the price I was quoted I wanted the price that I signed up for she got nasty on the phone I asked for a manager and she gave me a hard time she said she would transfer me so she put me on hold 5 minutes later she picked up and told me the same thing that she was transferring me then I was on hold for another 5 minutes and she picked up the phone pretending like she was the manager but yet it was the same voice so then i asked for corporate # and she told me she didn’t have it so she gave me the mailing address and transferred me somewhere else. Then I had to hang up because I was on hold to long so I called back the next day and talked to someone else and they hung up me I think there company is very unprofessional. I would never recommend them they are not out there to satisfy there customers like a good business is they are out for the money as long as you pay them their happy but if you have a problem they could care less they don’t solve the problems. They need a new staff

  97. Anonymous

    Nonsense, talked to John (ID# OJ6) at the corporate # 303 723 1000 and got nowhere, stated that they have nothing to do w the subcontractors and they could have “promised me a car if I signed up with DISH” and they would not care. offered me some rebates and never clearly explained the bill and then told me that I had signed the dotted line when the installer came here and that was that. I have been hung up multiple times by cust service 800 333 3474 and told to take it up w somebody else multile times. the runaround is ridiculuos and its non ending
    The BBB will not do anything as others have stated above. will somebody take this to another level? – I dont have the time, just decided to cancel the service.

  98. Anonymous

    Well, I see that I’m not the only one getting screwed by Dish! I signed up as a 1st time ever customer to get a $49.99 a month HD package with a “free” DVR. Suprise, no DVR unless I pay an additional $199.00 and they won’t take back the HD reciever and just give me a regular one unless I give them an additional $99!!!! Outragous! I can’t even disconnet unless I pay a huge “disconnet fee”!! Their customer service is useless, sounds like it’s either in Inda or China, they argue with me and all they want to do is “give me an upgrade deal” on my subscription for even MORE money! They suck and as soon as I can I’m gonna drop it and tell EVERYONE I have even a casual conversation with about it!! Pass it on!!!

  99. Anonymous

    Thanks for the information. I too was having an issue with basic Customer Service and the same tech hung up on me twice within 20 minutes. Called the corporate number provided, and they were able to help me out in 10 minutes.

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