Smartphone apps to help you avoid traffic

This article comes from Nate Segall from the Quicken Loans Zing! blog.

Traffic – we despise it, we can’t stand it and we’ll do anything to avoid it. You can catch the morning news before you head out to work, tune in to the traffic updates on the radio – or you can download a traffic application on your smartphone. These apps are here to help you elude bumper-to-bumper driving, accidents and any other annoying traffic hazards. Some of these apps may be better than the rest, but each app has its own advantages, so it’s worth trying them out to see which one you like best. Below are a few of the best apps out there to help you evade that pesky traffic.


Waze is more than just a traffic app; Waze is a traffic community. The idea behind Waze is to outsmart traffic by allowing millions of drivers to work together to report traffic jams, police traps, accident reports, cheapest gas prices and more. This free app is “killing” the traffic app game, with over 10, 000 reviews and a four and half star rating. As you continue to use Waze, it picks up on your frequent destinations, commute time and preferred routes, but will always offer alternate routes based on the current traffic conditions. Waze also lets you connect with your Facebook friends, allowing you to interact and coordinate drives. In my opinion, Waze is definitely the number one choice when it comes to free traffic apps.


You might be familiar with TomTom as a GPS, but instead of adding clutter to your car with a separate navigation deice, download, or should I say buy,  TomTom for your smartphone. For $50, you can relive all of the magic of this navigation pioneer right on your phone. The app works online and offline, which can save you big money on data charges. A trusted, well-known brand, TomTom won’t steer you wrong, as long as if you’re willing to spend a few dollars.


There are a number of other traffic apps available for both iOS and Android systems. Alothough non of these apps None truly compare to the functionality and effectiveness of Waze or TomTom, apps like, INRIX Traffic and Twist all feature bits and pieces of what Waze offers.

  • INRIX Traffic allows you to look at live camera shots from high traffic areas. It also lists incidents reported around your area, along with the delay time and backup distance.
  • has a very cool feature where you can look up any freeways/highways and it will show you the speed of the traffic at each of the exits and cross streets.
  • Twist allows you to communicate with your friends, family and co-workers, and share your ETA.
  • SNL said it best: “Google Maps is the best, ” so if that’s what you’re familiar with, keep using it.

My personal choice? Waze. This app has truly has changed the way I drive to and from work. It has allowed me to use quicker, alternative routes, and drastically decreased my commute time. Try some of our suggestions above and see which one you like!

Do you have any other applications that you use to dodge traffic? Share in the comments section below!

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