Size Matters: Tall People Make More Money

According to a recent study out of Australia that was published in The Economic Record, taller men earn more money than their shorter brethren. In fact, a two inch height difference corresponds to an average income difference of nearly $1000/year.

The reason for the height effect remains unknown, but it’s been suggested that being tall boosts self-confidence, thereby making people more successful. Interestingly, while the authors initially set out to test whether or not overweight people are paid less, there was no corresponding effect of body mass index (BMI) on earning power.

Source: The Economic Times

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  1. Anonymous

    I’m wondering if the same rule goes for women, or if the shorter/petite ladies earn more? All of the female managers/bosses I’ve had in the past have been fairly small, comapared to taller guys. But perhaps that’s just coincidence!

  2. Anonymous

    I vote with the looks paying off– I have worked with people who could be models . . . and they are dumber than a bag of rocks, but “somehow” they got the job!

  3. Anonymous

    I read about this somewhere the other day. A study was done from interviews done with recruiters from a few big name companies. The result was that they do, in fact, look for taller, healthier looking prospects. Very discriminatory, but unfortunately there’s nothing to do about it.

  4. Anonymous

    Aah … beg to differ; while it may be true for how much you earn at work, our ‘Napoleonic Complexes’ make us shorties much more likely to be successful where it counts: in business and investing.

    Take it from two short multi-millionaire Aussies: I’m 5’4″ and my even richer buddy is not much bigger …

  5. Anonymous

    Napolean aside (yes, there are always exceptions…), height is connected to perceptions of leadership. Take a look at the last dozen or so Presidential races, particularly in the television era when the public sees the candidates standing up next to each other. Ike was taller than Stevenson. JFK was taller than Nixon. LBJ was taller than Goldwater. Nixon was taller than Humphrey. Reagan was taller than Carter. Reagan was taller than Mondale. Bush 41 is taller than Dukakis. Clinton is taller than Bush 41. Clinton is taller than Dole. Obama is taller than McCain. See the trend?

  6. Anonymous

    I would take this study much like many with a grain of salt. After reading “7 habits of highly effectiive people,” I can tell you that it’s all about the attitude and interaction.

  7. Anonymous

    The VP of my division seems to be bucking this rule. I’m 5’9″, and he’s clearly shorter than I am. I’m sure that he makes a lot more money than me. One company that I worked for in the past had a shorter-than-average group of executives. When they would pass our cubicle on the way to the conference room, my buddy would sing “heigh ho, heigh ho” under his breath. Very low. They may have lacked height, but not power.

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