Shopping for the Most Expensive Items at

Interesting… I just ran across a list of the most expensive items purchased at during 2006. To be honest, the items on this list aren’t nearly as expensive as I would’ve expected…

Indeed, it seems that nobody is buying things like the $204, 000 IWC watch or the Antique Russian Floral Bouquet Paperweight even though they’re both in stock and the watch is being offered for a whopping $36, 000 off list price.

Returning to the list reference above, I’m not sure about you guys, but I’d much prefer my own personal set of bleachers to a 60 volume biographical collection. Sadly, the reviews aren’t great, and there’s a 3-5 week wait on the bleachers. Then again, this may be for the best given that shipping costs a bit over $1500.

What’s the most exotic thing that you’ve seen for sale at Amazon?

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  1. Anonymous

    Here’s an exotic item that’s a steal at $22.95!

    Customers that were unhappy with this product also had problems with this one (not so much of a steal).

    Many complained that the book did not fit on their shelves and the depleted uranium ore did not make their time machine work.

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