Save the Planet With a New Credit Card

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a new reward credit card on the block. It’s called the GE Money Earth Rewards Mastercard*, and it offers a unique type of reward…

Instead of giving you cash back, purchases made on this card accrue a 1% reward that goes toward buying carbon offsets. Actually, you can either apply the full 1% toward carbon offsets, or you can keep 0.5% for yourself and use the remaining 0.5% to offset your carbon-hungry lifestyle. In truth, there are a number of other reward cards out there that will provide you with more personal benefit, but this one perhaps still worth considering.

In honor of Blog Action Day’s focus on the environment, I’ve decided to donate all proceeds from people applying for this card through one of my links to The Conservation Fund, which is a top-notch environmental charity.

Note that I’m not just doing this today… Rather, I’ll donate all signup bonuses from this card to The Conservation Fund from here on out. So there’s a double benefit… You get a card that helps you move toward a carbon neutral lifestyle, and a great charity gets a donation.

*This card is no longer available.

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14 Responses to “Save the Planet With a New Credit Card”

  1. Anonymous

    Wow. A rewards card that pays you nothing and trades in imaginary/ethereal matter? Sign me up too!

    Hey, I’m starting a new card myself. It’s called the Laughing Guy VISA. It has a 18% interest rate, a $75 per year annual fee, and (the best part) for every $1,000 in purchases you make, I’ll hold my breath for 30 seconds, thus saving the polar bears for another nanosecond.


  2. Anonymous

    As an Independent that vehemently despises both of our grossly divergent political parties, I liken the Global Warming Alarmists to the Anti-Terrorist Crowd. Yes we should all care about and protect our planet just like we should be aware that there are radical people that want to harm us, but to artificially elevate any issue to the current level of hysteria solely to advance your political party is just plain wrong. There are always going to be emotionally charged issues based on exaggerations and blatant lies and half the people are going to just eat it up.

    I say everyone should do whatever helps them sleep at night. Me personally, I would rather take a cash back reward and use it however I chose and let “Envinronmentally Friendly” companies like GE make money off of someone else.

    But hey I could be wrong, I’m just a moron that thinks the whole climate change hysteria is a little overblown.

  3. Anonymous

    you are correct nickel, but let’s not fool ourselves in the marketing. moreover, the credit cards I’m sure aren’t made from recycled materials, and the emission partners appear to be GE companies. Nice way to give back to GE…I mean to the environment.

    if you discount not spending any more, you are still promoting bad polluters to pollute more by providing more carbon offsets for them to purchase.

    32.24% default rate, too. Nice.

  4. Anonymous

    this is just a bad idea. let’s see, promote spending (credit spending) for a paltry 1% carbon offsets. so we are promoting spending more crap contributing to worsen the environment, while promoting bad polluters to pollute more because we are buying their offsets.

  5. Anonymous

    Wow, that’s the first time I have seen a “fight” started on this blog. I’m totally with Nickel here – it’s so hard to believe there are people who don’t believe global warming is real… I am thrilled Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize. Justly deserved. He made thousands (millions, maybe) aware of this upcoming disaster if we don’t all change our ways. I also agree with the first poster. I would rather make my own donation to environmental causes but Nickel was merely pointing out the existence of this credit card. RP, I hope you find your center soon and calm down!

  6. RP: Thanks for stopping by again. It was nice knowing you. And for the record, I’ve never claimed to be a money “expert” — I’m just a guy with a weblog that has a strong interest in finance.

  7. Anonymous

    Typical! If you post it you endorse it. I will quit reading, and also stop recommending your BLOG to friends and to the students in the classes I teach. Also the “whole” was a play on words from the earlier mention – sorry I did not make it clear, but glad you can spell and are so proud of that single accomplishment. BTW the thoughts expressed are my own determined from my research, because at first I thought it was true. Well I tried, but you know: “Don’t cast your pearls before swine.” seems fitting for this endeavor. The truth is out there but you have to go beyond CNN to find it.

    As I sit by the roaring fire, listening to my SUV idle for no good reason and with every incandescent bulb on in the house, I can’t help but thinking there may be some money to be made. If someone like you who claims to be a money expert falls for this scam, I am thinking there must be millions more, say the Chinese who have just discovered automobiles. (think gas is expensive now?) If I could dupe them into such thinking I could make millions just like Al.

    Nickle, has a carbon credit, credit card too! Now you can save the planet and also support tax increases and socialized healthcare all at the same time!!!

  8. Wow, even the most conservative politicians have begun to recognize the dangers of global climate change, yet you still see fit to bury your head in the sand.

    I have researched the issue, and am not relying the mainstream media on this one. If you’re looking for sheep following the flock, take a look in the mirror. You certainly seem to have mastered the art of parroting words of right wing talk show hosts.

    As for the carbon offsets that you’re purchasing, GE Money claims that:

    “Spending $750/month for one year offsets the direct emissions a typical American is likely to produce.”

    I’m not vouching for the veracity of this statement, I’m just pointing the card out to people who might be interested. And I’m donating turning my take into a donation to a charity that my family believes in.

    Got a problem with that? Then quit reading. Honestly, I’m disappointed in you for being so closed-minded and short-sighted. But to each their own.

    Oh, and the “whole” in the ozone layer? At least I can spell.

  9. Anonymous

    Wow! I am very disappointed. Until now I actually thought you were a reasonable and fairly intelligent person. I can’t believe you have fallen for the whole carbon credit scam. Obviously you have failed to research this issue and chosen to rely on what the main stream media has told you to believe. AL Gore is behind the whole thing so he can make some more money of those he has suckered. Just what type of carbon credits are you getting? Care to take a guess at how many trees you would have to plant and how long it would take those trees to offset one jet ride across our country? I suppose you also think Al Gore deserves the Nobel Peace Prize, and a car like the Pyrus actually helps the environment. Just what are we going to do with all those lead based, toxic batteries once they need replaced in three to four years? They are a hazardous waste! Check it out: an H3 Hummer is less dangerous to our environment and cost less to drive than a hybrid! Go do the research. I am going to go start a camp fire while I leave my car running just for kicks! Global warming is a joke! I suppose you fell for the whole in the ozone and Y2K as well! Hey I am starting a credit card where 1% goes to fools who do not check the facts. Send me your address and I will mail you a check! Save the planet – what bull!

    Very Disappointed in you!


  10. Anonymous

    I don’t really like the idea of a credit card rebate being used to donate to environmental causes. What is to say they won’t revoke or change the reward later on? They’re also making money off of this offer, by holding on to the rebate amounts and paying it once a year. You could donate to your own cause of choice with your existing cash back rebates, and if you so desire keep that money in a bank and let it earn interest for your Earth Day donation. You would be able to donate even more!

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