Save Money, Don’t Drive Like a Maniac

In view of the high gas prices, I thought I’d post this little tidbit:

Did you know that aggressive driving with jack rabbit starts and hard braking at traffic signals will save about 2 ½ minutes on a 60-mile trip? The same driving cuts fuel efficiency by 39 percent.

I have no idea what assumptions this is based on, but it’s food for thought.

[Source: Akron Beacon Journal]

4 Responses to “Save Money, Don’t Drive Like a Maniac”

  1. Anonymous

    Exactly I can never understand why when im next to someone at a traffic lights they have to pull away fast.. 1 minute down the road i overtake them after slowly pulling away.. whats the point.. you waste all that gas.. just so it can appear that you have a fast car..

    its like the tortoise and the hare.. in the end i usually overtake them after building up to the speed.. 😉 And I save gas

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