Roadmap for a Successful Relocation

This one has been a long time coming, but… I finally got around to creating a ‘roadmap’ of sorts for everything that we went through this past spring/summer as we prepared for our move, and then actually relocated. So… If you’re interested in learning more about what you can expect when moving, decisions that have to be made, etc., then look no further. And be sure to read the comments as well as the posts, as a lot of people pitched in with tips, tricks, and suggestions that ultimately made the process a lot easier for us.

Here we go… Broken down into general categories, and then presented chronologically…

General Topics/Articles:
Staging Your Home for Sale
The Lengths to Which Mortgage Lenders Will Go
How to Write a Mortgage Gift Letter
What’s a Piggyback Mortgage?
Rules Regarding No-Interest Family Loans
All About Title Insurance
The Cost of a Failed House Deal

The Process:
Help Us Find a Realtor
Storing our Stuff
Preparing for our Moving Sale
Moving Sale Results
Improving Our Curb Appeal
Finding a Mortgage
Our House is on the Market
First (Lowball) Offer Received
Roadtrip – Time to Buy a House
Offer Made, Offer Received
Counter Offer Made, Another Offer Received
Bought and Sold in Under Six Days
Help us Choose a Mover
Home Inspection Today
Home Inspection Complete
The Countdown Begins…
Ten Days Until Closing
Final Walkthrough Today
We’re Homeless…
Wire Transfers When Closing on a House
(Another) Final Walkthrough Today
Homeless No More
Our Mortgage was Sold
Pre-Paying our Mortgage

Moving With Kids:
Eight Year Olds and Real Estate
We Bought (and Sold) a House
The Big Move Approaches

Random Headaches and Other Minutiae:
SunTrust vs. Bank of America Online Bill Pay Question
Broadband Internet Woes
Broadband Internet Crisis Averted
Broadband Internet Coming Soon(er than Expected)
Reducing Our Electrical Usage
Our Dish Network TV Experience (So Far)
Our Dish Network Experience (Continued)
Cut Your Own Grass or Use a Lawn Service?
Our John Deere Model 125 Lawn Tractor
The Dish Network Runaround
Our Online Banking Changeover
Money Saving Tip: Live Next Door to Someone Who’s Moving
Cell Phone Overages – A Hidden Cost of Moving
Bank of America’s “Out of State” Check Policy
Dish Network Customer Service SUCKS
Paint Recommendations?
What Would You do With a Bunch of Bricks?
Dish Network Customer Service STILL Sucks
Summer Electric Bill Pain
Termite Control: Sentricon vs. Termidor
Compact Fluorescent Lightbulb Changeover Complete
Solving Dish Network Customer Service Problems

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