Rent vs. Own Poll Results

I’m a bit late with the results of last week’s poll, but I have a good excuse… We’re in the midst of our move, and have been camped out in a Holiday Inn for the past three days awaiting the arrival of all of our stuff. Thankfully, the movers come today, and things should slowly beginning returning to normal from this point on. Anyway, back to the topic at hand — the rent vs. own poll… The question of the week was “Do you rent or own your home?” As it turns out, just over half of all respondents are homeowners, although most of us that fall in that category still own on one or more mortgages (48% vs. just 3% that own their homes outright). In contrast, 41% of respondents are renters, whereas an additional 6% are sponging off others ;). For the full results, as well as comments, please visit the Rent vs. Own Poll post.

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