Recent eBay Results

Just a quick followup to my previous entry about selling my stuff on eBay. The auctions are now complete, and I’m pleased to report that I ended up selling seven of the eight items. While all of the items that I listed were of the ‘cleaning out your closet’ sort, my total take was $278.66. In terms of fees, eBay will get $15.03, with PayPal getting an additional $10.18. I also need to pay to ship everything out, and am unsure as to exactly how much that will end up costing. Once the dust settles, however, I’m guessing that I’ll end up with about $240 in my pocket and, since I sold pretty much everything at a loss (relative to the original purchase price), I don’t have to worry about paying taxes on my auction earnings. Not too bad for a bunch of stuff that was just taking up space in our closets (and rapidly depreciating). All in all I’m quite pleased with the results. Now if I could only find some more stuff to sell!

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  1. tdfb: If you save your aucton listings and use them as templates for future auctions then the entire process gets faster over time, as you only need to modify existing listings rather than creating them anew.

  2. Anonymous

    I’ve recently started doing this too. Each time I come across something in my house that I haven’t used in awhile, I ask myself “would I really miss this?” If the answer is no, then it will eventually go up on eBay.

    The only thing is that listing on eBay is time consuming…at least 20 minutes per item. A small price to pay though for cleaning out my house and helping to payoff my debt. 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    I suggest helping yourself to using the eBay/Paypal shipping where you can print the label and pay for shipping right from the web site. It’s normally cheaper and saves a ton of time in the lines, and eases the hassle of the automated postal center.

  4. I’m actually a bit more selective in what I’ll sell on eBay, as some items just aren’t worth the hassle. For those items, I just throw them in the ‘garage sale’ pile or donate them to charity.

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