Random Thanks

I was just digging through my stats and thought I’d give a shout out to the sites that have referred the most visitors to FiveCentNickel over the past four weeks. Note that I’ve trimmed this down to just weblogs, so things like search engines (which are a huge contributor to traffic here) and the NY Times mention won’t knock anyone out of the running. What follows is a list of the top 10 weblog referrers over the past four weeks:

1. The Consumerist
2. Blueprint for Financial Prosperity
3. FreeMoneyFinance
4. NCN Blog
5. The Simple Dollar
6. MyMoneyBlog
7. ProBargainHunter
8. AllFinancialMatters
9. 2million
10. MightBargainHunter

Honorable mention: ConsumerismCommentary, who finished just out of the running.

Other notables: The MoneyBlogNetwork (most likely due to the forums) and PFBlogs.org — the former actually ranked right between NCN Blog and the The Simple Dollar, whereas the latter landed just behind ConsumerismCommentary.

Thanks to everyone for their support! And if you didn’t make the list, there’s still hope… I’ll try to remember to do this once a month.

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  1. Anonymous

    Those are some great sites and it is nice to see how the traffic seems to be shared among the sites.

    Still being new to the pfblogs, I know I have a good deal of work ahead of me but I will be on this list eventually (assuming you keep doing it of course).

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