PayPal Buyer’s Complaint Resolved

Good news… I just received word that the PayPal Buyer’s Complaint that I filed has been resolved… In my favor. They were able to recover the full amount (including shipping) and have already put it back in my account. I still haven’t heard back from the seller, so I can’t say that I feel particularly sorry for whatever PayPal may be putting him through right now.

Update: I just heard back from the seller. He apologized about the problem, saying he’s been out of town. He then noted that I’ve already gotten my refund, and asked if I’d be willing to send the item back to him. It’ll only cost me about a buck to send it, so I agreed. Hopefully he won’t sell it to someone else… He probably just wants the peace of mind from knowing that I didn’t rip him off.

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  1. Anonymous

    I’ll put on my (very) small-time eBay seller hat (run my nick through eBay to see) and say this:

    You wrote in the previous blog entry on this that you had not left feedback yet for him. Do you plan to leave a positive, or at least a neutral feedback? It doesn’t sound like he was truly trying to shaft you; you just got bum item.

  2. Anonymous

    but one ding among like.. say 1,000 feedback.. is really no matter to lots of sellers.

    I’m guessing paypal will just deduct the amount from his account, and if this occurs frequent enough.. will freeze his account.

    great that its been resolved though.

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