Our Online Banking Changeover

Well, I spent the better part of yesterday evening working to get our online banking changed over from our old bank (US Bank) to our new bank (Bank of America). In short, I want to consolidate all of our bill paying at Bank of America and start phasing out our US Bank checking account. What this means is migrating over the e-Bill information for three Citi MasterCards (Driver’s Edge, Dividend Platinum, and the AT&T Universal Card), one Chase Visa, an AmEx card, and our Sam’s Club Credit account. It’s actually pretty easy to do (discontinue e-Bills at one bank, set them up at the other), but the changeover isn’t instantaneous. Thus, I’ll have to be extra careful to watch the cards that we’re actively using to be sure that we don’t miss any bills. Next up, I need to change our address for all of these accounts — and many more when you consider things like banking, insurance, retirement accounts, etc.

For more information on moving, check out my Roadmap for a Successful Relocation.

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  1. Deborah: This post was written on June 19, 2006. We moved on June 1, 2006 and US Bank doesn’t exist in our new area. Thus, while we still had online access, we had to transition everything over to our new bank (Bank of America).

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