Our House is on the Market

As of last night, we have a realtor and a ‘For Sale’ sign in our front yard. Our house is completely ready for showing, and it’ll hit the MLS before the weekend. So now we wait… As far as choosing the realtor went, we interviewed three different people, two of which we really liked, and one of which we didn’t. While we initially thought that two would be enough, their price estimates were pretty divergent, so we opted for a third interviewee. Her suggested price fell right between the other two, roughly where we thought it should be, and we really liked her style. Thus, we ended up signing on with her. We’re headed out of town this weekend to check out properties on the other end, so hopefully there’ll be a few showings while we’re away.

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  1. Nickel

    RS: The highest and lowest agents differed around $15k, which is a bit over 6% of what we finally put it on the market for.

    FMF: No, we ended up having enough recommendations that we didn’t contact your person.

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