Opening an Emigrant Direct Savings Account, Part III

About a week and a half after initiating the Emigrant Direct account opening process, we now have full access to our new savings account. For those of you that aren’t familiar with the process, it all starts with filling out an online account application. They then make a couple of small deposits (and withdrawals) to (and from) your linked account. Once you log in and verify the amounts of these transactions, they pull the initial deposit and then send you a letter with your account number and instructions for setting up online access. While the process can be a bit slow, it’s fairly easy, and they do offer a 4.0% APY.

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  1. Anonymous

    They sent me a hat too way back when, it’s still sitting in a box in the closet… maybe I’ll donate it or something. I’d feel like a dope wearing that hat…

  2. Anonymous

    Hey, I also got the baseball cap! I like it. My other white hats are all really dirty at this point. Of course, those are all college cross country hats and I’ve been out for a while.

  3. Anonymous

    I don’t care what anybody says about savings account. They sent my wife and I both a high quality ball-cap that I now where everywhere I go. I love ’em, what other bank sends you their hat along with thousands of dollars in interest every month just for letting them hold yer millions?

  4. Anonymous

    I just wanted to follow up. As of today, there is now a “Transfer Funds” link on the navigation menu, but I have not received a response to my message to Emigrant… unless them fixing the problem is all the response they intend to give.

  5. Anonymous

    I’ve noticed the same problem as Meg regarding the limited functionality and the absence of a “transfer funds” link on the navigation menu. I’ve sent Emigrant a message about this. If and when they reply, I’ll post their response. If anyone else has had and solved this problem with the Emigrant web site, please let me know.

  6. Anonymous

    This is real annoying – it has been 2 weeks since I verified my transfer amounts and I still do not have a “transfer link to my external account” I guess they do not want me to move my thousands from ING into ED. Also, I heard that there is some functionality to download into Quicken and that link has not showed up on the left hand side either.

  7. Anonymous

    It may be slow, but it does give me a nice warm safe feeling that somebody isn’t going to be pulling my money from my account to start their emigrant direct account. Of course, that doesn’t stop them from going elsewhere with the info on my checks…

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