One Year Ago This Week (September 24th – September 30th)

Here’s a quick look at some of my favorite posts from a year ago this past week:

• Buying a New Car, Part IV (Epilogue) – along with some thoughts on getting manufacturer add-ons for far less than the dealer want to charge you.

• Check Amazon Prices Over the Phone – This is a pretty cool trick… Next time you’re in the bookstore, check Amazon’s prices from your cell phone.

• Accuracy of EPA Gas Mileage Estimates – Did you know that 90% of all cars get worse mileage than predicted by the EPA? Check out this article for details.

• Buying a New Car: This Year or Next? – When shopping for a car late in the model year, should you buy the current (i.e., old) model, or should you hold out for the new one? Click through to find out.

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