One Year Ago This Week (January 7th – January 13th)

Here’s a quick look at my favorite posts from one year ago this past week:

• Register that Domain Name – A reminder to hop on over to your friendly neighborhood domain registrar and snatch up that catchy domain name pronto.

• Free Booze Helps the Homeless – Hmmm… Counterintuitive to say the least, but who can argue with hard data?

• Stocks and Bonds vs. Mutual Funds – What’s your best bet? Click and read to find out.

• Highest Paid Dead Celebrities – Title says it all.

And this is what was happening over at Raising4Boys over the same period:

• Birthday Party Ideas – A smattering of birthday party ideas based on things we’ve done in the past.

• Harry Potter Keeps Kids Safe – An interesting tidbit about Harry Potter’s effect on child safety.

• Raising Cain – If you’re raising boys and you haven’t seen this yet, you should.

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  1. Anonymous

    Hey Nickle,

    Just wanted to comment briefly, I loved that story on the free booze for the homeless. Gave me a good chuckle, thanks for putting it up there!



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