Natural Gas Price Hike

There’s been quite a bit of recent talk about rising natural gas prices, and it looks like our gas company may have been listening… We’re on their Equal Payment Plan, wherein they project our total usage over the next year and then bill us in eleven equal payments. In the twelfth month we settle up — if we overpaid we get a refund, and if we underpaid we have an additional bill. While I haven’t heard anything official about price increases, we just received the statement laying out our monthly obligation for the upcoming year. Guess what? Our monthly payment is up 19%, from $79/month to $94/month. Granted, this is just their best guess, but over the last couple of years they’ve been pretty close to spot on. Hopefully this winter won’t be colder than normal, or we could end up paying even more.

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  1. Anonymous

    This is one example where gas-guzzlers have an impact even if it is not just about oil.

    Time to enact energy efficient measures at home.

    BTW, I will tell you a story:
    I was born on a tropical island. On tropical islands, you go around the house in a t-shirt and shorts. When I arrived to Massachusetts (a very cold winter state) I used t-shirt and shorts for the home, and kept the temperature at a “comfortable” 75F. As a result, the gas bill was very expensive.

    As soon as the energy prices started to climb I had to take some measures. Caulk on windows, got a house with temperature zones and energy efficient windows, programmable thermostat. But I think the one that had more impact was getting a warm down comforter, and using fleece pajamas on the house. It was a very simple thing to do that increased my comfort and allowed me to lower the thermostat by a few degrees. Those few degrees made the furnace work a lot less, and my energy bill got back to the original level (even after the energy prices increase).

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