Must-Have Websites and Apps for Parents

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One of the most exciting things about being a new parent is learning about all of the wonderful toys and technologies that exist for kids! The apps and websites my friends have told me about have truly been lifesavers. I don’t know what I would do without having these great resources at my fingertips. Whether I’ve had questions about my daughter’s development or questions about my sick baby, these have come in handy.

Here are four web sites well worth saving to your favorites list.

This site is popular among expectant moms because it tracks the development of their fetus and also tells moms how to take care of themselves during pregnancy. The site boasts trusted advice from pediatricians and experts around the world on all things babies. It provides feedback from an online community of moms and parents. The instructional video clips are very helpful too!

This website is intended to help parents raise healthy children and influence manufacturers to produce safer products for families. gives parents answers about children of any age. The site features all things pertaining to kids and parenting, including information about your child’s growth, news stories, blogs and consumer information.

This website is run by Public Broadcasting Service and focuses on providing quality child development through programming, videos and activities. This site also provides free interactive learning games for kids and fitness and food advice for parents. Your children can watch cartoons and listen to songs while learning basics like numbers, letters, colors and shapes.

If you’re the type of person who relies on feedback from reviews, you’ll love This review site provides parent reviews on everything from products, toys and furniture to foods and more. It is a great resource for new parents who don’t know where to go for advice on baby products. It’s also helpful for people who aren’t parents and need to purchase gifts for kids. It even has a section called “Diaper Bag Essentials” for newbies.

You know how people say, “there’s an app for that” about everything? Well, I’m starting to think it’s true! Here are four phone apps that are must-haves for parents.

Mom Maps

This app helps parents find kid-friendly fun and activities when away from home. The Mom Maps directory has more than 19, 000 locations in 18 metro areas. These include parks, playgrounds, restaurants, museums, indoor play areas and more. The directory is powered by a large community of mom-mappers and well-traveled parents.


This awesome app lets you track and review your caregiver’s actions throughout the day. You can see your baby’s feeding schedules, diaper changings, sleep times and even pictures taken by your caregiver. It also is an easy way to keep track of your child’s growing milestones such as a first tooth or first steps. This app also has a cool calendar feature to sync your schedule and baby-related appointments.


This app is designed to save users money because they can see trending deals, limited-time offers and find coupons for items of interest. This app isn’t tailored to parents, but it’s a valuable tool when it comes to buying pricey items like formula, diapers and wipes. The app sends you deal alerts and reminders so you don’t miss out!

Baby Monitor Apps

As I geared up to spend about $150 on a baby monitor system, I learned about these cool baby monitor apps. They allow you to turn your phone or computer into an alarm and detect noise around your sleeping baby. There are various versions of baby monitor apps such as CloudBaby Monitor by iTunes, Dormi for Android phones and CodeGoo by iPhone.

If you have other valuable websites or mobile apps to share, post a comment below. I’m sure other parents will appreciate you for sharing your resources!

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