More Online Financial Calculators

As a followup to my previous post about online financial calculators, I thought I’d share a link to another set of calculators that was recommended by a reader. Once again you’ll find a variety of calculators covering topics such as mortgages, auto loans, debt consolidation loans, credit cards, and more. There’s even a set of calculators for designed especially for Canadians. Enjoy!

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  1. Anonymous

    Conforming mortgage rates mentioned below are considered with loan amounts up to 417,000 for a single family residence and is owner occupied. It is with…

  2. Anonymous

    my old company ( licensed dinkytown calculators back in 2000 when there were only a handful…he’s a powerhouse when it comes to adding new tools! The only issue I have is that the java applet doesn’t seem compatible with tabbed browsing but that may be firefox’s fault and not the dink. I just know to never open one in a tab…always a new window.

  3. Anonymous

    About three years ago I stumbled on dinkytown’s calculators when I was trying to find a happy medium between huge-mortgage-no-life and manageable-mortgage-tiny-house. I have used them many times since then, they seem to have a calculator for just about anything.

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