More ING Direct Referral links

This is just a quick note to let you know that I’ve posted a fresh batch of ING Direct referral links (click through to get them). In case you’re not aware, ING Direct is considered to have the best online savings account according to FiveCentNickel readers, and these links get you a $25 account opening bonus (assuming that you deposit at least $250).

If you’re interested, simply visit my self-service ING Direct $25 referral page, find a link in the list that hasn’t been used, and then open your account with a $250 minimum deposit. If you’re not going to deposit a minimum of $250, then please use this link instead.

8 Responses to “More ING Direct Referral links”

  1. Anonymous

    I did not intend to shame anyone!

    I signed up for my ING account before I started reading this blog so I did not realize the benifit I could have gotten.

  2. Thomas: For shame? Go read the page with the list of the referral links. I spell it all out perfectly clearly over there, and you can’t get to the links without visiting that page.

  3. Anonymous

    for shame for not mentioning in your post that you get a referral bonus!

    Actually I don’t really care – why not make 10 bucks off somebody since they will get 25. The moral of your post is to get “free” money and start investing for your future.

  4. Danielle: Yes, when people use the links on that page they get $25 and I get a $10 referral bonus (at no cost to the new customer). This is all spelled out on the page with the referral links. After I first ran out of links, I distributed them on behalf of readers until it eventually got to be too much trouble. But now they’ve given everyone a new set of links to distribute, so I’m back at it. 🙂

  5. Anonymous

    Were you making $10 off each of the people that signed up under the links for “self-service ING Direct $25 referral page”? I just got $10 from a friend off of an ING referral today!