Money Poll #20: Online Shopping

With Christmas almost upon us, I thought it would be interesting to get a feel for how much shopping people have been doing online vs. in the real world… Yes, I realize that we still have a week left, and many people still haven’t finished (started?) their shopping, but still… Speaking for myself, I’ve done virtually everything online. My lovely and talented wife, on the other hand, has done almost everything at brick and mortar stores. So what about you? Please participate in the poll, and feel free to leave a comment expanding on your answer.


4 Responses to “Money Poll #20: Online Shopping”

  1. Anonymous

    For people whose desires I know well enough that I can begin the “shopping” already knowing what I intend to buy, I shop online. For people like my relatives…well, the only one for whom I have a clue what to get, before the shopping itself, is my Aunt Pam, and since M-Den doesn’t list their full selection on the web site or in the printed catalog, I have to go to the store for her too. As for the rest of the relatives, I shop in person because it’s the only way I can get inspiration.

  2. Anonymous

    I’ve always been one to leave christmas shopping till the very last second, as of today it’s one week till the big day and I haven’t made a single purchase. It’s simply too late for me to buy online now.

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