Money Poll #15: Lawn Mowing

On the heels of my revelation that we bought a John Deere lawn tractor, I thought that it would be interesting to find out how you guys approach lawn care. I’ve already asked about cutting your grass vs. hiring a lawn service, but I thought I’d formalize it with a poll. Here goes…


8 Responses to “Money Poll #15: Lawn Mowing”

  1. Anonymous

    As an apartment dweller I presently have no lawn…thank God. Once my fiancee and I buy a house, I suppose it’ll have to come with one, which means we’ll be paying someone to mow it.

  2. Anonymous

    I have a lawn service do mine weekly. I have a 9500 sq ft lot, which is a decent size in middle-class Denver, and they charge me $17/week for the mowing (I recently left my previous lawn service that was charging $24/week this season).

  3. Anonymous

    I currently mow my own lawn. I’m transitioning to having my older son mow it. He isn’t big enough to handle the mower on a part of the lawn that is too heavily sloped. Right now, he’s mowing all of the flat parts, which are about 75% of the lawn.

  4. Anonymous

    My lawn is no bigger than your standard office cubicle. It’s that little area in front of my house so it’s no chore to cut my lawn (and my neighbors, might as well if I dragged the darn thing out of the house)

  5. Anonymous

    Actually my hubby mows the lawn, but we still do it ourselves. We do everything ourselves, and if we don’t know how to do something yet we learn how to do it while we are doing it. 😉

    However, if we did have a lot of money I think that hiring a lawn service would be great. It would give us more time, which is the greatest resource of all.

  6. Anonymous

    I enjoy cutting my grass. I bought a cheap push mower, though, that was supposed to start easy and well, it doesn’t. That’ll be bad if I’m ever away for an extended period and my fiance needs to mow, since I doubt she’ll be able to start it. Works great once it is going though.

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