Money Poll #13: TV Service

You’ll have to excuse me, but with two closings coming up within the next week and a half, I have moving on the brain… Now that our internet situation has been settled (and even more favorably than we initially thought), I’m turning my attention to TV. We still can’t get cable on our street (at least for the time being) so we’re exploring other options — after years of cable TV, it’s currenlty looking like we’ll be going with Dish Network.

Anyway, all of this got me to thinking (and wondering) about how everyone else handles their TV service. That bring us to the question of the week: “What sort of TV service do you have?” I’m not personally interested in a debate over whether or not TV rots your brain — it probably does, but I still like it and want to have good reception and a decent selection of channels. But if you’d like to jump on that issue (either pro or con) the comments are open. Of course, they’re also open for pretty much anything else that’s at least vaguely on topic. And with that, I bring you Money Poll #13…


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  1. Anonymous

    We have a TV but just use it to watch DVDs. It gets 3 channels (but one is fuzzy) if we fanagle and fiddle with things long enough. So I guess Netflix is our TV service.

  2. Anonymous

    Just what I can get from the TV picking it up — ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS and the WB if the wind is blowing right. It’s enough for us.

  3. Anonymous

    I guess I fit into two categories. I sold my tv a couple of months ago but I still download a few shows that I enjoy watching. I haven’t missed it as much as I thought I would. If I get cable again, though, I will definately get Tivo. That service is too useful.

  4. Anonymous

    I get the whole thing too sans Tivo-like services… it’s because that’s what gets bundled in with the internet deal with Comcast.

  5. Anonymous

    For the TV watching connoisseur (which I am–at least I think I am) you’ll find the differences between those who select Cable vs. Satellite are really regional decisions. Due to cable’s higher cost and limited product offering in my area (Orange County), I went with satellite. However, if I lived in an area with a different provider (or had my choice of cable providers) I would likely choose cable over satellite.

  6. Anonymous

    We have always had the “limited” service, but we will switch to watching only DVDs (Netflix) this July. TV is such a waste of time, therefore money. To pay for it, too, seems masochistic.

    However, we will keep our broadband Internet subscription, because that brings in real information and increases the quality of our life (while TV does the opposite).

    We might miss watching some of our weekly “drugs”, but we definitely won’t miss the “addiction”.

  7. Anonymous

    Have the “expanded”, only bcause there are 2 cable providors here and can play them off one another. Paid Comcast only for basic for a year, tho they threw in digital and HBO for free. They wouldn’t continue longer without charging so switched to RCN. Got basic, and digital chanels, HBO, SHO, MAX, and internet and phone for 120 first month, second month same price except deduct $99 promo credit, 3rd month $50 credit, will reevaluate in fourth month to see who will be cheaper.

  8. Anonymous

    I have the whole enchilada, but I get it free from my work – internet and tv along with a reduced ($14) monthly for phone.

    I’m the rare bird to skew your poll.

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