Mobile Check Deposit Experiences

Mobile Check Deposit Experiences

This is just a quick followup to my recent post about Bank of America’s mobile check deposit service. As I noted in that post, I deposited checks to both Bank of America and ING Direct on Sunday evening.

As they always do, I received an e-mail confirming receipt of the deposit by ING Direct almost immediately. And the very next morning, I had e-mail confirmation that the deposits had been processed along with instructions to go ahead and shred the checks.

As for Bank of America… Nothing. No e-mail confirmation, no permission to shred. Just the original directive to hang onto the checks for 14 days just in case something goes wrong. That said, they did process the deposit the next day, just the same as ING Direct.

So, based on a sample size of one check (for Bank of America; I’ve done lots more with ING Direct) it looks like one service is just as fast and effective as the other. Regardless, I’ll still lean toward ING Direct when I have a paper check that needs to be deposited. That quick confirmation and ability to dispose of the check quickly is just too good to pass up.

What about you? How have your remote deposit experiences been thus far? I’ve heard numerous complaints about rejected check images, etc. (at one bank or another) but I’ve never had a problem. Not even with hand-written checks.

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  1. Anonymous

    for the past year ive been using Cap one banking app. because of the check deposit feature. In the early days of this app you would only get a check mark IF the check was readable to the app. NOW you get a checkmark as soon as the app can see the check, and then It will tell you its blurry AFTER you do all the work of takign the back photo and entering the amount and submitting. Frustrating. And when you call support, they always consider it to be something YOU did, so they need to check your OS ver, any updates due, have you rebooted, well do it again. AND then a ticket is submitted. Finally someone calls and goes thru the troubleshooting steps with you. Come to find out, oh did you get this off the app store? well we have a newer version. go here and dl’d it. and whalla it works. NOW ive come across the same prob again. and on the app store they have like difnt ver numbers of the same software and so you go thru them thinking one has to work and to find out none do. !! someone said they get the image software from a library that all banks use, and only adjust the software settings to newer phones, well, my phone is pretty damn newwith 25mpx so what the hell!

  2. Anonymous

    I’ve been depositing checks via scanner with EverBank for the past couple of years now. Recently they introduced an app for Android phones. I kept getting asked to retake the photo — it never worked. I went back and forth with customer service for a while until they admitted that their app doesn’t work correctly with Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) and Jelly Bean (4.1) Android OSs. They promised a fix in the future. I followed up, recently, with another email and they promised an update before the end of August. They sent me a hat for my trouble ]:|

    I recently tried the ING App (on the Jelly Bean OS…) and it worked fine. My only complaint is that it’s limited to $3k per check. I get paid monthly and my paycheck is bigger than this, so it doesn’t work in practice for me.

  3. Anonymous

    I have used Chase and ING to deposit…and I am thrilled that ING finally has the remote deposit since that is my main bank. I have never had a problem with rejected checks. Just take your time to focus the image and it should be accepted.

  4. Anonymous

    I’ll second Charles Schwab. App has always worked great for me. Once or twice it told me to take the photo again but I always got an email confirmation of the deposit and then a follow up later when it processed.

  5. Anonymous

    Luv USAA, I know its not open to everyone but they are amazing at this. Since I started using them I have only been in a bank maybe once in 3yrs. Glad to see other banks following suit.

  6. Anonymous

    I’ve used two different mobile deposits so far: Chase and Citibank. Chase’s mobile deposit works like a charm. I also get an e-mail immediately and the money usually hits my account within one business day.

    As for Citi, they have too many restrictions – 1K max check size. You need to enter in your debt card number and your pin/mother’s maiden name etc.. I will be using BOA soon, so good to know that it seems to be working fine.


  7. Anonymous

    I’ve been depositing checks online with Alliant Credit Union for a while using my scanner and their web site. It’s worked pretty well. The only real “trouble” I’ve had was depositing checks from my wedding because I didn’t know that I could only deposit checks made out only to me, even if my husband had endorsed them as well, but that wasn’t a technical problem. Their policies make a certain amount available immediately, and then the rest after it clears. Their online interface makes it clear that the check was accepted, but there isn’t a follow-up email that the deposit went through. I did get notified when they didn’t accept the wedding checks.

    Just recently I tried their iPhone mobile deposit app, and it went smoothly as well. Almost surprisingly so given it was a cell phone picture. I got an email notification after submitting it.

  8. Anonymous

    I use Charles Schwab, and I have never had a problem. Always get an email within 12 hours (once within 5 minutes) that the check has been processed. One had to re-picture a couple of times due to a bad image.

  9. Anonymous

    I have only ever used Paypal to deposit remote checks. Worked fine most of the time. Last time I needed to, they had an outage for that service. Now I don’t remember if I ever went back and deposited that check.

  10. Anonymous

    I’ve tried twice to deposit with ING Direct and the image was rejected both times. I’ve moved my checking and bill pay over to USAA, and I’m extremely happy with them. While they do not offer mobile check deposit to me (I’m not military), I take advantage of their UPS deposit. My local UPS store scans the check for me and the money is deposited immediately. This works out fine for me with regard to the occasional check I receive.

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