Matching Donations to The Conservation Fund

In honor of Blog Action Day’s focus on the environment, I’ve decided to try and raise a bit of money for The Conservation Fund (details about the Fund are below). Here’s how it works… My family will match all donations made this week up to $1000 total (through Friday) with a donation of our own. All you have to do is make your donation and let me know about it.

Save the world in four easy steps:

1. Go to the online donation page.

2. Make your donation.

3. Let me know via e-mail to ‘nickel’ at this domain ( or via my contact form (specify the amount).

4. Save your receipt… It’s tax deductible, after all.

For the most part, we’ll do this on the honor system, but I reserve the right to ask for proof of any questionable (in my opinion) donations. Proof would constitute a screen shot of your donation (or confirmation e-mail) — you will of course be free to blot out the sensitive parts (name, address, etc.).

Don’t worry, my goal here is to give the money away. I just don’t want someone lying that they gave a large amount and effectively ending the fundraiser early.

Assuming that people actually take me up on this offer, I’ll post a list of donors and amounts (I may post periodic updates, as well, depending on the response).

Fellow Bloggers: Make a minimum donation of $50 and I’ll include a link to your site when I post updates and/or the final list. Again, keep in mind that I might ask for proof, so don’t lie. If you do, I’ll out you in a very public way. 😉

About The Conservation Fund:

The Conservation Fund forges partnerships to protect America’s legacy of land and water resources. Through land acquisition, community and economic development, and conservation training, the Fund and its partners demonstrate effective conservation solutions emphasizing the integration of economic and environmental goals.

Land Conservation
The Fund helps local, state and federal agencies, and nonprofit organizations acquire property from willing sellers to protect open space, wildlife habitat, public recreation areas, river corridors and historic places.

Community and Economic Development
The Fund works with communities as well as different sectors of industry, including forest and chemical companies, developers, and ranchers to demonstrate sustainable practices that balance economic and environmental goals.

Conservation Training
The Fund serves as a national resource for environmental organizations by providing financial resources and technical assistance as well as formal training to land conservation professionals from all sectors.

The Conservation Fund spends an impressive 95.7% of their funds on program expenses, with just 3.1% going to administration and 1.2% going to fund raising. Charity Navigator rates them four (out of a possible four) start, and the American Institute of Philanthropy gave them an A+ rating.

Click here to donate now.

20 Responses to “Matching Donations to The Conservation Fund”

  1. Anonymous

    I have to say that this fund, and the like minded groups are often so misguided that it would be laughable if it wasn’t so sad. I live in Boulder County Colorado where 65% of the county is owned by land conservation funds. The net effect of this “conservation” is the highest median home prices in Colorado at $390,000. Conservation is good, but people need to consider the effect of their “good works” on the economic viability of the area. Conservationists here scared away a tech company offering 4,000 jobs because they wanted to “conserve” the land. Now with IBM and Amgen laying off, they are wishing for those same jobs.

  2. Anonymous

    Actually. . . I happen to work in the development department for a non-profit. We have matching gifts from time time and they usually exactly match the amount given. Sometimes they don’t give at all if the challenge is not met. Big donors (like Nickel 🙂 only like to give if other people are giving.

  3. Anonymous

    Ty: I understand what you’re getting at but your initial post made you seem like a prick (calling a matching donation a scam?). That’s probably why nickel responded that way, I’m pretty sure he’ll donate all $1k anyway but this was a way to get some readers to throw in a few bucks to that fund.

  4. Anonymous

    Matching gifts / grants are usually organized by a party that was going to make the gift already. Even if they do not cultivate the donors to make the matching pledges, they tend to make the gift anyway. Most times, the matching gifts have already been booked prior to the offer. So, you and your fam decided to make a $1000 gift. what happens when only $750 is donated. do you cut the charity out of your $250? just a valid question and observation.

  5. Anonymous

    as a fundraiser, Matching grants are always a farce. Unless your family is willing to NOT make the $1000 donation, then it’s not a true match. If you’re going do this, why not call the charity, and ask them to designate “soft credit” for all your matched donors. this way they get non-taxable “credit” for your family’s match.

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