Mall Jewelry Store ‘Sales’

I’ve always been amused by the fact that mall jewelry stores seem to run perpetual sales, with pretty much everything selling for 70% off pretty much all the time, but this takes the cake… I just saw a Zales commercial on TV, and a bit of their fine print caught my eye… “Original prices may not have resulted in actual sales.”

In other words, they likely haven’t even tried to sell their wares for the ‘regular’ price. Rather, they just mark it way up before they mark it down. Apparently they’ve gotten in trouble for this sort of behavior at some point — why else would they run a disclaimer effectively admitting that the ‘deal’ that they’re offering you has been greatly exaggerated?

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  1. Anonymous

    To the person saying jewelry is marked up 300%, LOL maybe at Macy’s or Bloomingdales but not at a real jewelry store. As far as “Shell” and where to buy an engagement ring. In regard to Zales. Think about this. Does a store who has ads during the super bowl for many millions of dollars make fair money on their product or does the jeweler down the road who will treat you like family and actually make less and save you money. The jeweler down the road might not make crazy money but he also doesn’t needs ads like that and doesn’t need to support country wide sales with huge staff. This is a big difference to think about when choosing a franchise jeweler over private.

  2. Anonymous

    My mom once told me that jewelry is marked up at least 300%, so when it’s 50% off, they’re still making a huge profit. We had friends who were jewelers so I assume that’s where she heard it from.

  3. Anonymous

    I have not done a whole lot of jewelry buying; our engagement ring came from a family hand me down, and the work done on it was a friend’s recommendation at a jeweler. Doing the sizing was much cheaper than the buying, I’d think…

  4. Anonymous

    This reminds me of a dry cleaners down the street which has “20% off everyday!” permanently written on their storefront.

    As for jewelry, the only piece of jewelry I’ve ever gotten in a physical store instead of online is my wife’s engagement ring and that was only after extensive research and shopping around online and in stores. It was the only time I’ve ever seen a B&M jewelry store beat all of the online sellers for the same type and quality of merchandise … even with the perpetual 40-60% off!

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