Make a Video, Win Some Money

In case you haven’t heard, J.D. Roth over at GetRichSlowly has just published a new book entitled “Your Money: The Missing Manual.” In honor of his book release, he’s running a video contest with prizes up to $500 in cash.

Here are some details:

  • Videos must be 2 min or less
  • Two categories: Personal Finance Tips or Success Stories
  • Entries must be submitted by April 15th, 2010
  • Limit one entry per contestant per category
  • Contest winners will be announced on May 1st, 2010

You can also designate your entry as a “website” entry, meaning that (if you win) your website will be featured on GRS. This is a great promotional opportunity for all of you webmasters out there.

As of right now, there are only twelve entries total, so your odds of winning are actually pretty good. You can view all of the entries by going to this page.

Here’s a sample entry from J.D. himself:

And here’s one of my favorite entries:

After you’ve had a chance to look through the entries, let me know which one you like the best. And if you decide to give it a shot, please leave a comment here (with details) so we can go check out your entry.

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