links for 2007-03-06

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  1. Anonymous

    I’m glad to see the changes in how they calculate fuel economy. I plugged in our Toyota Sienna 2WD and it looks like the new MPG ratings are close to what we get. (We avg 23-24 MPG, mix of highway & city.) I like how the Kiplinger tool shows the ‘best in class’ and ‘worst in class’ along with how your vehicle does. Too bad you can’t ‘go back’ to some of the older models to see what they really should say on their stickers.

  2. Anonymous

    Isn’t this putting lipstick on the pig? If credit card interest rates are horrific, payday loans are far worse. Reminds me of the beer commercials urging us to guzzle their product “responsibly”. Dress up your hurtful product in social responsibility and you’ll be OK in our American economy.

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