Link Roundup: Spambot Edition

Late last week, I discovered that one of our anti-spam plugins was being a bit overzealous, and turning away many commenters as potential spambots. I’m not sure exactly how long this has been a problem, but I apologize if you were affected.

I have since disabled the offending plugin, so the problem should (hopefully!) be solved. There is still a filter in place that will weed out potential spam, but I’m hopeful that none of you will be blocked outright.

If you’ve had problems with this in the past, please let me know by leaving a comment (which you should now be able to do!). And if you run into something like this in the future, please use the contact form to shoot me an e-mail directly.

And now… Here are seven interesting articles that are worth checking out.

That’s it. Have a great (rest of the) week!

P.S. Special thanks to Philip Brewer for alerting me to the spambot problem.

6 Responses to “Link Roundup: Spambot Edition”

  1. Evan: Hmmm… Deactivation of that plugin has revealed another problem. Now that more people are getting through, I’m finding that the spam filter (Akismet) is snagging them. I just rescued a bunch. Hopefully Akismet will learn.

    Mike: Fixed it. Had started to write something like “don’t hesitate to use” and left out some words. 🙂


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