Link Roundup – Limping Man Edition

In my last roundup, I noted that I recently decided to start running. I’ve been taking it slow, but have still managed to develop some hip pain. I’m thus currently taking a week off to recover. The good news it that I’ve identified the problem.

The main issue is that my feet supinate (roll slightly outward) when I run, so I picked up some new running shoes to better stabilize my feet. I also picked up a foam roller to help with the recovery, and am hoping to run a Memorial Day 5k.

And now… Here are some recent finance articles that caught my eye:

That’s it. Have a great (rest of the) week! And stay healthy. 🙂

3 Responses to “Link Roundup – Limping Man Edition”

  1. Anonymous

    Good for you for trying this program, Nickel. You’ve inspired me tonight. I’m printing off the cto5k program now. Have you tried the hip flexor stretch? I used to have hip problems from running. That one helped me a bit.

  2. Anonymous

    Nickel, thank you for the link to my article.

    As for running, I have to start exercise as well. I can’t run because it’s too much for my legs. Have you considered biking instead?

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