Lending Club Portfolio Fully Funded

This is a just a quick note to say that my Lending Club portfolio is now fully funded. I have twenty $25 notes in my “Low Risk” portfolio with an average rate of 9.85%, and twenty $25 loans in my “High Risk” portfolio with an average rate of 15.16%.

Since these loans didn’t all fund at the same time, the payment due dates are a bit spread out. The first payment is due on June 13th, so we’ll have to see how things go from there. I plan on posting periodic updates, so stay tuned if you want to know how things turn out.

If you want the full story, here are some of my previous posts:

If you have any questions about how Lending Club works, please let me know and I’ll do my best to answer them.

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  1. Nickel

    T.O.D. — The rate doesn’t change over the life of the loan, and your entire amount doesn’t remain “tied up.” You get it back a bit at a time as the borrowers make payments. You can then withdraw it, or invest in new notes.

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks Tale for the info. [though you’re probably poking fun at my name and what I typed]. You struck a nerve and put me in my place. Just wondering now; is it really worth tying your money up for 3 years esp. when the acrrued interest decreases at the loan matures like he said? Maybe I’ll just find another job. Good luck Nickel! According to LC’s stats most people pay on time.
    Good one Tale… Like the fighting mouse… I got it.

  3. Anonymous


    Thanks for sharing you personal experience with this– I am very interested in hearing the results. I have to admit I am very skeptical and on this I want to be surprised.

  4. Anonymous

    Accrued interest is unrealized until borrower pays. Accrued interest will also decrease as the loan keeps maturing. Amounts invested to make a dollar a day depends on the interest rates of the loans you invest in.

  5. Anonymous

    I like that even before you get your first payment; you accrue interest almost daily. I put in $325 and get interest almost daily about $0.12. My first payment is 6/26. So far so good. So i need about $3,250 to make about a dollar a day?!

  6. Anonymous

    I read about the LendingClub a few months ago — too bad my state regulatory agency will not allow me to participate (TX). Hope all goes well.

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